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The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

Biography | 127 minutes
3,79 1.583 votes

Genre: Biography / Road movie

Duration: 127 minuten

Country: New Zealand / United States / Switzerland / Japan

Directed by: Roger Donaldson

Stars: Anthony Hopkins

IMDb score: 7,8 (58.039)

Releasedate: 12 October 2005

The World's Fastest Indian plot

Eccentric New Zealander Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) has dreamed of breaking the speed record on his Indian motorcycle since childhood and dedicates his life to perfecting his classic motorcycle. Nothing and no one can stop Burt Munro from fulfilling his dreams. He heads to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for his Indian's ultimate test during Speed Week.

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avatar van nathaniel177


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I hesitated between 3.0 and 3.5, but went for the latter. Anthony Hopkins plays his part well, but not great. The first part in New Zealand takes a little too long. The journey in America is fun, but as many say the highlight of the film is the racing part. More could be done here. The playing time could also be a bit shorter. It is funny that the majority of Americans in this film are portrayed as egoists.


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avatar van Lovelyboy


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Feel good from the top shelf which, although sweet, still sticks to the truth and the character Burt Munro.

An image of a particularly colorful figure comes to the fore, just say it's eccentric. Although I wouldn't exactly be waiting for it either, someone who makes such a mess and cranks that k*t engine on weekends early in the morning, the best man has a very charming character and an enormous gun factor hanging on his ass. The strange habits and the bond with the boy next door are precious. The journey to Bonneville begins and will not be without a struggle, as will the race itself.

TWFI is of course notable for Hopkins who beautifully portrays the good guy, but no less because of all the other special characters that pass by or the countless entertaining events. For example, the technical inspection, the Bonneville men can't believe their eyes at the countless El Cheepo constructions by Burt. It is a moving coffin in their eyes. Burt laughs it all off. 'The brakes don't work? But I'm here for a speed record.' Still, he pulls it off with a lot of goodwill and support, and his record under 1000cc for a specific year of construction still seems to stand. And that is special since Indians are not known for their power by the engine itself, namely a side valve. Furthermore, scenes like making slicks with the knife, the road test drive, the ride itself and the lady where he repairs his cart, can also be there. In addition, it is of course wonderful to see all that old material and design at work on the salt flats in Bonneville.

The World's Fastest Indian can without exaggeration be called a wonderful and very entertaining film.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Another top 250 film that I understand will resonate well with people, but I don't understand why on earth it should get such a high rating. I really didn't think this film was that special that it should be qualified to be in the top 250 of best films to be seen on our globe.

It is, however, a feel-good film that really only has the intention to create happiness and I always appreciate that message somewhere. However, a well-intentioned film does not immediately mean a good film, because this really wasn't. By the way, you also quickly fall behind if you turn Hopkins into a cartoon character. Someone who is actually so nice that you just know they are over the top in the acting performance.

Hopkins is still doing well, by the way, and you can expect that from this actor. The other cast members fill in rather typical roles. However, I think most of the cast thought they could easily score with the film. Little sincerity in the acting. Little passion, I find it a bit mediocre.

Visually, the film has some beautiful images and they appear especially when Hopkins is allowed to drive his motorbike. Those images of the beautiful landscapes form the visual splendor of this film, but the other images barely radiate. Reticent cinematography, ugly colors. Hardly any location is cleverly used, and that is a problem for a road movie.

I think this is a pretty easy movie. So sweet it gets too predictable. Hopkins' adventure just goes on too long. Seeing him encountering boring people again and again gets boring after just half an hour. Unimpressive and fairly normal cinema with some highlights, but as a whole too little input from the director to become really good.

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