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Official Secrets (2019)

Biography | 112 minutes
3,50 385 votes

Genre: Biography / Drama

Duration: 112 minuten

Country: United Kingdom / United States

Directed by: Gavin Hood

Stars: Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Ralph Fiennes

IMDb score: 7,3 (54.409)

Releasedate: 30 August 2019

Official Secrets plot

"Nothing is more dangerous than the truth"

The true story of Katharine Gun, whistleblower of the notorious British secret service GCHQ. In 2003, Gun leaked a secret US NSA memo proposing that the US and the UK will put additional pressure on doubting states in the UN Security Council to vote in favor of the imminent invasion of Iraq. Because of this action, she ends up on all the front pages and the authorities are after her.

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avatar van blurp194


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A sad piece of history, and as far as I'm concerned very interestingly told. And I think that's by far the strongest point of the film - contrary to the average opinion I didn't think Keira Knightley acted very well. To be honest, I'd rather not see that nervous smile of hers. It's really nice to see Ralph Fiennes play a different kind of role - usually he's the uber bad guy in this kind of movie. That makes him almost unrecognizable here.

But besides that, it's good that this film reminds us once again that the rule of law and secret services don't go well together. Perhaps a bit naively utopian, but it would seem a lot better to me if the state secret were abolished. It turns out time and again that very little good comes of it. This is of course a good example, and Great Britain also has a very dirty affair with Assange. Not pretty.

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avatar van IH88


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“What we know, is that Saddam has this material.”

“You don't know that. I mean, he just keeps repeating the lie. Just because you're the Prime Minister, it doesn't mean you get to make up your own facts.”

strong. A whistleblower, political intrigue, journalists doing their job, the lawsuit, etc. Official Secrets is an expertly crafted political thriller that radiates quality. It is now well known how Britain and many other countries were screwed into the war in Iraq by the Bush administration, but it is still harrowing and sad to see how this has happened.

Corruption, political pressure, lies, forgery, spawning etc. Nothing was left to chance. Katharine Gunn is the whistleblower, and Knightley plays her calmly and forcefully. But the insecurity and desperation are also clearly visible, and especially when her husband threatens to become the victim, you see Gunn at her most vulnerable. Actors like Fiennes, Goode, Smith, Hill and Ifans can be sent on message, and they're all doing great.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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A relevant film about British intelligence whistleblower Katherine Gun exposing illegal practices at government level by leaking a confidential NSA memo. The Bush administration (and Rumsfeld in particular) was also not without a hitch at the time when they looked for a reason to invade Iraq in 2003 and put a lot of pressure on other countries to support it.
Strong that this film also manages to be exciting, so that there is a compromise between the educational and the entertaining. Such file films are often hard to bite through, but here it goes very smoothly and everything is presented clearly and clearly. In that sense, this is a remarkably good film. And it also helps if you play well. The whole case led to one of the shortest lawsuits ever.

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