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Fantastic Four (2015)

Action | 100 minutes
2,50 541 votes

Genre: Action / Fantasy

Duration: 100 minuten

Alternative titles: Fant4stic / Fantastic 4

Country: United States

Directed by: Josh Trank

Stars: Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan

IMDb score: 4,3 (175.672)

Releasedate: 5 August 2015

Fantastic Four plot

"Change is coming."

The lives of four young outsiders change completely when they teleport to another universe where they undergo a shocking metamorphosis. To save Earth, the four must learn to use their newfound powers and battle a former friend.

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Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic

Johnny Storm / The Human Torch

Sue Storm / Invisible Woman

Ben Grimm / The Thing

Doctor Victor von Doom

Dr. Franklin Storm

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Young Reed

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avatar van Roger Thornhill

Roger Thornhill

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I found the two movies from 2005 (4½*) and 2007 (3½*) so entertaining that I don't know what the reboot of this franchise can really add to that, and the characters are suddenly shy students rather than the serious grown-ups of the two earlier films, but apart from that this is actually quite a decent film with several positives: it has quite a bit of momentum, the acting is not bad, Tim Blake Nelson is a great lazy loaf , despite her occasional frugal mouth, I like watching Kate Mara almost as much as I do at Jessica Alba, where The Thing still looked like a cartoon character incarnate in the earlier adaptations (in line with the comedic slant of those films) he is quite awe-inspiring here , and the FX are excellent. Unfortunately, there are about as many negatives: although Michael B. Jordan does his best, he pales in comparison to the flamboyant and narcissistic Chris Evans, Victor could have been a bit more demonic and charismatic (which he wasn't really in the earlier films), Planet Zero doesn't look very impressive or intriguing, and the climactic combat is rather underwhelming and static and full of clichéd dialogue (“There is no Victor – there is only Doom!”, “Maybe it's who we're meant to be!”, “Let's get the hell out of here!”). In the end, that doesn't really make for a good film, and it can't surprise me that there was no sequel to this. Maybe they should try again in 2025...

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avatar van nathaniel177


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Really rushed the end. Nice story

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avatar van Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone

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Afterwards I could only think one thing: how the hell do you get it made? Piggybacking on the success of the Avengers and undoubtedly with a budget to beat… and then deliver such a movie. Faut-le-faire, whose fault it may be.

Except for the ugly but possibly expensive CGI and a few cast members, it's hard to tell that this isn't made by amateurs. The film is completely out of balance and if even things like Kate Mara's wig (during reshoots, I read afterwards) stand out, it is very much made. But okay, no man overboard. Wait a few years and then you can reboot.


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