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Enter the Dragon (1973)

Action | 102 minutes / 99 minutes (bioscoopversie VS)
3,53 951 votes

Genre: Action / Crime

Duration: 102 minuten / 99 minuten (bioscoopversie VS)

Alternative titles: Long Zheng Hu Dou / The Deadly Three / Operation Dragon / In de Klauwen van de Draak / 龍爭虎鬥 / 龙争虎斗

Country: Hong-Kong / United States

Directed by: Robert Clouse

Stars: Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Ahna Capri

IMDb score: 7,6 (110.442)

Releasedate: 17 August 1973

Enter the Dragon plot

"Their deadly mission: to crack the forbidden island of Han!"

Lee is brought in by the Secret Service to enter a martial arts tournament on an island ruled by a drug dealer. Lee is ordered to take him out, but there must be no weapons on the island. However, the kung fu expert Lee is a weapon in itself. What follows is a life and death struggle.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Sorry, but I don't like this at all. I only put it on to see some Bruce Lee, but I'm actually quite disappointed in that. The story sounded like music to my ears, but it was executed rather dull and dull.

It all looks so cheap and simple. Many fight scenes are out of the picture and you are only looking at the serious faces of the actors. The story is boring and the 102 minutes seemed to go on forever. It was only a little more fun towards the end.

Plus points for Lee of course. He's really just some kind of comedian with impressive moves. It's pretty funny to look at his serious face. Too bad almost 80% of his punches and kicks are out of the picture.

For the rest, this is pretty boring and cheap. It looks ugly while Chinese culture is actually very beautiful. Some actors (Han) can't do anything at all and look lost. This movie is one of the biggest disappointments I've seen.

No, this is not due to the year, apparently this is not my thing, while I can appreciate fighting films just fine. Nice if you like this, but it's not a movie for everyone.

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avatar van scorsese


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Reasonable film in which a kung fu expert participates in a fighting tournament on a drug lord's island. A little more plot, a little more humor and a little more philosophy compared to the earlier films with Bruce Lee (it still doesn't want to be really interesting though). The last part is the best, where Bruce Lee shows off his fighting skills with the mirror scene as the highlight.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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Afro hairstyles, sideburns, prostitutes, kung fu, the sounds .. Everything breathes the seventies. Enter the Dragon is personally Bruce Lee's best film; it was all the rage at the time.. it was also the first time that kung fu movies were introduced to the western market, and it was a bull's eye. This film, made for a paltry USD 800,000, raked in more than USD 350 million. Admittedly, just because a film is successful doesn't make it a masterpiece. There is plenty to criticize: the somewhat meager plot surrounding that tournament, which is a cover for criminal activity, is only a peg for displaying fighting demonstrations. And he does it like the best... the showdown in the hall of mirrors with Mr. Han is a true classic.

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