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Godzilla (2014)

Action | 123 minutes

Genre: Action / Scifi

Duration: 123 minuten

Alternative titles: Gojira / GODZILLA ゴジラ

Country: United States / Japan

Directed by: Gareth Edwards

Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen

IMDb score: 6,4 (442.169)

Releasedate: 14 May 2014

Godzilla plot

"The world ends, Godzilla begins."

When evil creatures, fortified by man's scientific arrogance, threaten humanity and its very survival, Mother Nature retaliates with her own ultimate weapon, Godzilla, a destructive force of nature that will take on a fierce battle against these creatures. In the midst of all the violence and chaos, we follow three members of a family. Joe Brody (Cranston) is a scientist in Japan. He is one of the first to discover an anomaly in sonar data and has just begun his investigation when all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, his stepson Ford (Taylor-Johnson), a young naval officer, tries to return to his family in San Francisco, where his wife Elle (Olsen), a nurse, has her hands full helping those in need.

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Saw this movie for the first time yesterday. What a horror. For a moment I thought my television wasn't working properly, but I thought it was an awfully dark movie.

I found the actors very boring and for me the story was about an ultimate fight. Unfortunately we didn't see anything except 3 wooden pieces of sausage creatures. Godzilla swims at the speed of 35 knots and on the mainland he is as slow as a turtle.

Finally, I did not understand the relationship between child, father and wife? The man has been gone for fourteen months and after half a day he has to fly back to Japan for a few days to visit Dad. Take your family with you and label it as a family outing. Then they close the film at the very last minute with a terrible hug, mannemanneman. Sorry. Not for me.

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avatar van filmfan0511


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Godzilla is a blockbuster as typical and standard as they come, which of course there is nothing wrong with, but the film does quite a lot of things wrong. First, that whole first hour is mostly very boring. Bryan Cranston straightens this out with his excellent acting, but otherwise the characters didn't interest me. That's partly because the script is quite poorly put together, but on the other hand also simply because you set up a film like this for the monsters, and not for the human drama. And then you make a mistake as a director to let Godzilla show up in his own film only after an hour. Secondly, the action in the 2nd hour is characterized by grandeur and bombast, but there were few really cool action sequences in my opinion. But good, apart from that it is visually a very slick film with an overload of great and entertaining action in the 2nd half, and that nevertheless makes this film a quick and easy sit that deserves a small enough . 3*.

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avatar van blackwolves


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godzilla king kong who doesn't know it? changed a lot that monster it's a monster huge but they've changed everything about his appearance and his body shape at least he doesn't look like the godzilla from 1971 and before. now this doesn't look like godzilla to me anymore it's just the name. godzilla it looks more like a t rex a lizard that people said he or said had a large body an enormous head with a mouth full of teeth a long tail with which he or said he also defended himself against his enemies. but now this godzilla's head is too small so does not have a big mouth with huge teeth more like a dragon's head than godzilla. the movies in themselves are not bad enough action and special effects that is a plus point for many but i think it is a shame that they made the monster like this but most of the original godzilla movies are better. and i also like most of them but because i'm also a sf movie fan and like monsters in movies i can appreciate this one too but it's definitely not godzilla it's just the name none can do it better than japan where the monster was born . just like king kong. good for 3 stars

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