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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Comedy | 99 minutes
3,46 2.911 votes

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Duration: 99 minuten

Country: United Kingdom / France / United States

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Stars: Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield and Nick Frost

IMDb score: 7,9 (596.879)

Releasedate: 9 April 2004

Shaun of the Dead plot

"A romantic comedy. With zombies."

Shaun gets up every day, goes to the store and gets a snack, then he goes back home and on to work. Every day is the same, until one day zombies are all around and everyone is bitten. Shaun doesn't notice until suddenly a girl is in the garden. After a while, Shaun and his buddy Ed find out that there are zombies everywhere. So they come up with a plan to rescue Shaun's friend Liz and Shaun's mother, and take them to their favorite bar.

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avatar van Lovelyboy


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It's strange that everyone likes Hot Fuzz more than this one, because after seeing Shaun, it just disappointed me.

A particularly successful and humorous approach to a zombie outbreak in England. The film is of course characterized by the chemistry and collaboration between the duo Pegg and Frost. Furthermore, of course, that the character Shaun has all the qualifications of an antihero with a downright moronic sidekick. Yet the duo captivates you with weak English humor, funny events and their entire approach. A special struggle to the death is brought and where I suspected that the makers of Left 4 dead had watched Dawn of the dead, that also applies to Shaun. I see many small familiar details.

Entertaining, dryly comical, a nice lady to put some effort into, Kate Ashfield, humorous violence, Matt Lucas in a mini role...Shaun of the dead simply guarantees a pleasant evening of dry humor and creative violence.

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avatar van remorz


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A bit bland than I remember, but still very funny.

The horror is never completely convincing, the tone is too light for that. But the humor survives quite well and for that matter the subtitle is 'A romantic comedy. But with zombies.' quite accurate. Lighthearted theme of responsibility and self-acceptance, playfully supplemented with emotions when it comes to the relationship with Liz, or moments about Shaun's relationship with his mother, Phillip and Ed. The zombie story puts some pressure on the story but never fulfills more than an amusing supporting role.

Nice run-up, when the apocalyptic proportions still pass Shaun; after that it kind of falls into predictability. Towards the end also increasing in drama and morality, but the feeling of successful wit still dominates afterwards. A dash of rudeness would do a film like this good, especially given the English character, but the goodness of Shaun of the Dead is actually quite sympathetic. Nice revision, but it lacks any form of sharpness to leave the 4 *.

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avatar van umbra


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Well, now that I've seen it again, there was still disappointment, I thought I liked this one better. Didn't think it was that successful actually, all rather bland and irritated myself a bit. Oh horror comedy is often a difficult marriage with me, I think she can count on 1 hand if I'm a bit critical. Top performers in this are, Bad Taste, Braindead and Tucker and Dale vs. evil. This Shaun of the Dead is nowhere near in that list and at first thought he was. Don't get further than a small 5/10 with this one, even tend to number a 4.

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