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Promising Young Woman (2020)

Thriller | 114 minutes
3,51 744 votes

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 114 minuten

Country: United Kingdom / United States

Directed by: Emerald Fennell

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham and Alison Brie

IMDb score: 7,5 (212.744)

Releasedate: 13 December 2020

Promising Young Woman plot

"Revenge never looked so promising."

Cassie saw a promising future ahead, but then something happened that left her insecure. Nothing in Cassie's life is what it seems; she is smart, cunning and at night she leads a double life. Now the time has come for her to correct past mistakes.

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avatar van BBarbie


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I had a great time with this feminist revenge comedy. This is mainly due to the intelligent script, which periodically slows down, and the sharp dialogues. The excellent acting is the proverbial icing on the cake. Carey Mulligan is first rate as usual and the supporting roles are also strongly filled. A nice movie.

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avatar van Collins


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The film has a quirky title. The title refers to one Brock Turner who, as a student at Stanford University, was convicted of sexual violence in 2016, but continued to be consistently referred to as a promising young man in the media.

In Promising Young Woman, the main character is a model student until her life is turned upside down. Then she becomes something else.

Fascinating movie. The film exudes brute force, but is at the same time very elegantly designed. The film is also ironically engaged. He shows poisonous masculinity in abhorrent form. In the world of this movie, there are almost no good reliable men left. The film mainly shows men who consider themselves good but do not shy away from harassing a heavily tipsy woman who is without much resilience.

Those poor desperate men. Just kidding. What was also wrong in the past, but with which the man could still get away with, is not tolerated in this film by the nemesis Carey Mulligan. She plays a beautiful role as a disillusioned woman with only one goal in life.

Good and impressive film, which takes the typical elements of a revenge film and uses these elements very creatively to sketch a world from a female point of view in which the man is confronted with his sexist misdeeds. Fortunately, the film is not gloomy in tone, but usually manages to strike an exaggerated tone. That softens the punchy message. nice.

The ending is also nice. Not really happy, but satisfying.

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avatar van eRCee


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Kassandra, the woman who always spoke the truth and was never believed. In Promising young woman she acts as a kind of revenge angel, although if you look closely there is not even a question of revenge but rather of bringing insight. That is one of the many good aspects of this film. Of course it's all over the top, there's no good man to paraphrase Schopenhauer. But I never find Promising young woman annoying in that, because it's an artistic choice, a focus that is placed and that works very well. All the more so because all kinds of layers of the problem are then discussed. Including looking away or justifying or actively sweeping under the carpet (nice how in two or three lines of text from that lawyer the theme suddenly gets a lot of extra depth). What's also interesting and something to think about is that on several occasions Cassie doesn't catch the worst characters, but rather those who see themselves as a great guy. You think I am a predator?, one says. It may not always be believable in the details, but in the overall picture it is, including how those disgusting people in their suits are then talking about love and friendship and go on with their lives as if nothing happened. I believe that unconditionally.
Besides the social relevance (think: Brett Kavanaugh, think: GHB, the 'rape drug'), also just a very nice print to watch. I really wasn't bored for a second and the film keeps increasing in power and intensity. The scene in which Cassie dies is intense but without being graphically made. Emerald Fennel avoids the full playing time, good choice. Carey Mulligan carries the whole thing with ease and the music is cool, especially because they don't try to please anything but come up with arrangements of pop songs or with rather wrong songs. Yes, great film, this is another one for my year-end list.

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