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Grimm - Season 1 (2011-2012)

3,32 53 votes

Show title: Grimm

IMDb score: 7,9 (131.552)

Episodes: 22

Playing time: 16 hour and 30 minutes

Developed by: David Greenwalt

Stars: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby and Elizabeth Tulloch

Origin: United States

Releasedate: Friday 28 October 2011

First aired on: NBC (Verenigde Staten)

Grimm plot

Grimm revolves around Nick Burkhardt who works for the Portland Police Department with partner Hank Griffin. Nick lives with his girlfriend Juliette who is a veterinarian. As a child, after the death of his parents, he was raised by his aunt Marie, who eventually died as a result of an attack on the street. Just before this, however, she tells him their family secret on her deathbed. His family descends from the Grimm family and are responsible for the balance between the people and 'Wesen' here in the world. Wesen (the German word for creatures) are mythical figures that the Brothers Grimm also write about in their stories. Only Grimm's can see these Wesen for what they really are and with the passing of Aunt Marie, Nick must take on this role of 'protector'. A task that he initially finds difficult to deal with. But with the help of his friend Monroe, a "Blutbad" Nick meets on one of his cases, Nick gradually learns what it means to be a Grimm.

Episodes Season 1 (2011-2012)

  1. 1. Pilot

    28 October 2011 (45 minutes)

  2. 2. Bears Will Be Bears

    4 November 2011 (45 minutes)

  3. 3. BeeWare

    11 November 2011 (45 minutes)

  4. 4. Lonelyhearts

    18 November 2011 (45 minutes)

  5. 5. Danse Macabre

    8 December 2011 (45 minutes)

  6. 6. The Three Bad Wolves

    9 December 2011 (45 minutes)

  7. 7. Let Your Hair Down

    16 December 2011 (45 minutes)

  8. 8. Game Ogre

    13 January 2012 (45 minutes)

  9. 9. Of Mouse and Man

    20 January 2012 (45 minutes)

  10. 10. Organ Grinder

    3 February 2012 (45 minutes)

  11. 11. Tarantella

    10 February 2012 (45 minutes)

  12. 12. Last Grimm Standing

    23 February 2012 (45 minutes)

  13. 13. Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

    2 March 2012 (45 minutes)

  14. 14. Plumed Serpent

    9 March 2012 (45 minutes)

  15. 15. Island of Dreams

    30 March 2012 (45 minutes)

  16. 16. The Thing with Feathers

    6 April 2012 (45 minutes)

  17. 17. Love Sick

    13 April 2012 (45 minutes)

  18. 18. Cat and Mouse

    20 April 2012 (45 minutes)

  19. 19. Leave It to Beavers

    27 April 2012 (45 minutes)

  20. 20. Happily Ever Aftermath

    4 May 2012 (45 minutes)

  21. 21. Big Feet

    11 May 2012 (45 minutes)

  22. 22. Woman in Black

    18 May 2012 (45 minutes)

Full cast & crew

Actors and Actresses

Nick Burkhardt

Hank Griffin

Captain Sean Renard

Rosalee Calvert

Adalind Schade

Eve / Juliette Silverton

Reviews & comments

avatar van HALVE TAMME.

HALVE TAMME. (moderator series)

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''The wolf thought to himself,

what a tender young creature.

What a nice plump mouthful.”

The Brothers Grimm 1812.

Great cast, solid acting, nice combination of horror /

fantasy and also the atmosphere in every episode shown

extremely realistic.

Four stars from my side for 'Grimm - Season 1'.

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avatar van Bottleneck


  • 8220 messages
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Entertaining series with lots of fun creepy finds. It's not high quality or comparable to something like Penny Dreadful (because Grimm is much lighter), but after a few episodes there is a good atmosphere thanks to the neat locations and music (Danse Macabre ? ).

The characters are sympathetic, especially Monroe but also the two detectives, and it looks great without major disturbances. Nice and unpretentious. From a story point of view, it's nice to see how the makers combine the 'realistic' police setting with fantasy/horror and it's nice that there is some humor in it.

In many episodes the same 'trick' is played over and over, Nick suddenly turns out to be an accomplished fighter and it's not really exciting, but it's amazing how much creativity they manage to throw in so many episodes. That keeps it all quite interesting. Great viewing for in between.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original


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