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Dennô Koiru (2007)

1 season
3,00 1 votes

Alternative titles: Dennou Coil / Coil a Circle of Children / 電脳コイル

State: Ended

Genre: Animation

Origin: Japan

Developed by: Mitsuo Iso

Stars: Fumiko Orikasa, Akiko Yajima and Sachiko Kojima

IMDb score: 7,8 (1.010)

Releasedate: Saturday 12 May 2007


Dennô Koiru plot

In the near future, augmented reality has become an important part of everyday life. A sweet high school girl named Yūko 'Yasako' Okonogi has just moved to Daikoku City with her family, despite rumors of people disappearing. Her grandmother runs an unofficial detective agency there called Coil. With a group of children Yasako's age, she detects and tackles corruption in the virtual world. Yasako gets involved with the group and decides to help.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Tamako Harakawa

Fumie Hashimoto

Akira Hashimoto

Yūko Amasawa

Kyōko Okonogi

Ken'ichi Harakawa

Yūko Okonogi

Takeru Nekome