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Why Marvel's Echo series will be different to ALL other MCU shows
Photo: © ANP

Why Marvel's Echo series will be different to ALL other MCU shows

Why Marvel's Echo series will be different to ALL other MCU shows
Photo: © ANP

Marvel is taking things in a completely different direction with the upcoming Echo series on Disney+.

The official premise reads:

'Following the events of Hawkeye in New York City, Maya Lopez returns to her hometown in Oklahoma, where she must come to terms with her past, reconnect with her Native American roots, and embrace her family and community.'

It stars Alaqua Cox, Vincent D'Onofrio, Chaske Spencer, Tantoo Cardinal, Graham Greene, Cody Lightning, Charlie Cox, Devery Jacobs, and Zahn McClarnon.

D'Onofrio and Charlie Cox are reprising their roles as Kingpin and Daredevil from previous Marvel properties.

The character of Echo was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hawkeye. Maya Lopez was the Native American deaf leader of the Tracksuit Mafia who can perfectly imitate others' movements. Within Hawkeye, she hunts down Clint Barton following her father's murder, only to find out that her adopted uncle, Wilson Fisk, was actually responsible.

The trailer is bloody and gritty, akin to the Daredevil series on Netflix. Echo will be different to all other MCU shows in that it is R-rated and will also follow a villain as the main character for the first time.

"We wanted something that, again, if you're coming off of Hawkeye, and you have to keep in mind she's a villain," Echo director/executive producer Sydney Freeland said during the Echo trailer debut event.

"She's a villain. And so tonally, we wanted to lean into that. I think in talking with the executives and our approach, and when building visual style, it was sort of like, 'Oh yeah, lean into that, lean into that.'"

Echo will be smaller in scale than most MCU shows and movies, and with that comes a certain degree of intimacy as well as personal consequences.

"I dunno if I can say this, but I love the Netflix Daredevil, it's great," Freeland continued.

"And so we certainly took, obviously the Daredevil fight, it was a little bit of a nod to that series ... But then also we wanted very adamantly to show that these are people in our show. They bleed, they die, they get killed, and there are real-world consequences. And again, talking, it's not the fate of the universe at stake because I think once you go that broad, you can sort of lose sight a little bit. And so that kind of dictated the tone a little bit.

Echo trailer

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