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What can we expect from the Highlander REBOOT starring Henry Cavill?
Photo: © ANP

What can we expect from the Highlander REBOOT starring Henry Cavill?

What can we expect from the Highlander REBOOT starring Henry Cavill?
Photo: © ANP

We are not only getting a new Highlander movie, but an entire Highlander universe with a television series included.

The 1986 original starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown and told the story of an invincible Scottish warrior, Connor Macleod, who is thrust into present-day New York City in order to win a death tournament known as 'The Gathering'.

It spawned several sequels and spin-offs, and in 2021 it was announced that the series would be rebooted with Henry Cavill in the title role and Chad Stahelski directing.

Stahelski, one of the masterminds behind the John Wick franchise, has detailed what we can expect from the new Highlander.

“I think we have some very good elements now,” he said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“The trick is when you have the tagline, ‘There can only be one,’ you can’t just kill everybody in the first movie.

“Our story engages a lot of the same characters and stuff like that, but we’ve also brought in elements of all the TV shows. We’re trying to do a bit of a prequel — a setup to The Gathering — so we have room to grow the property.

“We have ideas for days about how to make the coolest characters and to make that an epic TV show. I just think that’s rich, rich, rich mythology when you can pick any period of time, any nationality, any culture, any type of person and make them an immortal that have to duel and deal with the burden of immortality — that’s f*cking cool.”

3.20 (1297)

Highlander (1986)

Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1518, Connor Macleod is immortal. When he is wounded in battle and does not die, he is banished from his village. He meets another immortal, Ramirez, who teaches him swordsmanship and the ways of the immortal. Set in 1986 New York City is the location of the Gathering, where Macleod and a few remaining immortals must compete for The Prize, which will give you power on Earth forever.

Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Stars: Christopher Lambert, Clancy Brown and Sean Connery

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Highlander - a cult hit

The original Highlander wasn't a major critical or financial success but it became an enormous cult hit in the subsequent years after its release.

The cheesy 80s action and tongue-in-cheek dialogue made it particularly memorable.

"80s action movies have a vibe to them – they’re masculine, they’re fun, they’re experimental, they’re a little kooky, they’re in-your-face," he explained.

“That movie has power… it’s a little cheesy in structure, you can argue that the present-day police love story is very forced, and there’s not a lot that happens in the second act – it’s mostly bitchin’ flashbacks to Sean Connery mugging to camera.

“You watch the movie and it has no business being good or cool or interesting, but for whatever reason – the fish-eye lenses, the weird sword-fights, f*cked up dialogue, and the Queen soundtrack – make it one of the funnest movies you’ll ever watch.”

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