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Indigènes (2006)

War | 128 minutes
3,51 368 votes

Genre: War

Duration: 128 minuten

Alternative title: Days of Glory

Country: Algeria / France / Morocco / Belgium

Directed by: Rachid Bouchareb

Stars: Jamel Debbouze, Samy Naceri and Roschdy Zem

IMDb score: 7,0 (15.195)

Releasedate: 27 September 2006

Indigènes plot

"The true story of World War II's forgotten heroes."

In 1943 France fights against the Nazi occupation of Alsace. Abdelkader, Said, Messaoud and Yassin are soldiers from Algeria. They are called "Indigènes". Because of their reputation as brave men, they are recruited and sent to the front lines. They will fight for the freedom of France.

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Saïd Otmari

Messaoud Souni

Sergent Roger Martinez

Caporal Leroux

Capitaine Durieux

Margueritte village Vosges

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  • 7924 messages
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Very fine war film, in which the human takes precedence and moves, even though there are several excellently filmed battle scenes and there is also attention for discrimination and racial distinction. Moreover, it is interesting to know about the incorporation of soldiers from colonial areas (here North Africa), called Indigènes, into the French army. As always (Bush, Hitler, Napoleon, Julius Caesar and thousands of others) fighting forces were recruited from poor sections of the population. People who would risk their lives to have it better than before. All that information is neatly and neatly built up in a film with excellent actors, a film that fascinated me immensely. The final scene is also moving.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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Film about the role of the North African soldiers in the French army during the Second World War. Three men are followed who dedicate themselves consciously and sacrifice themselves for their motherland and who also demand a minimum of recognition for this. It is mainly the insulting treatment of these soldiers as second-class figures that is central here. They receive no promotions (they remain empty promises), are not given leave to visit family or friends and are not even entitled to the same food as the French. Even stronger is that pied noir, Sergeant Martinez, who denies his Arab mother in a catchy scene.

It doesn't stop there and the French military clearly felt that they owed nothing to the subjects of their colonies, while every day they hold the words égalité and fraternité in high esteem. . The forgotten enfants de la patrie were no more than cannon fodder. A film in which injustice is against the heart in a few scenes, but as joolstein and gauke rightly say, more of a political statement than a heroic war film. For me, this film hit the right sensibilities. Last action scene in Alsace village was very strong!

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avatar van filmkul


  • 1968 messages
  • 1933 votes

Nice war movie. The story is less well known and it is great that attention is paid to it in this way. Unfortunately, the focus is a bit too much on the political message, which comes at the expense of the pace and tension of the film. The message is clear, but the film does not manage to hit the viewer well. The final scene does and is actually the highlight of the film. Very strong, full of tension and beautifully portrayed. Furthermore, the acting is in order and visually the film looks professional. 3.5

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