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Thanksgiving (2023)

Horror | 106 minutes
3,02 190 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 106 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Eli Roth

Stars: Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae and Milo Manheim

IMDb score: 6,4 (37.258)

Releasedate: 16 November 2023

Thanksgiving plot

"There will be no leftovers."

The city of Plymouth in the US state of Massachusetts is the birthplace of Thanksgiving. The residents there get the fright of their lives when a riot ends in tragedy on Black Friday. Not long after, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer strikes. He has set his sights on the city's inhabitants and he is determined to kill as many of them as possible.

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avatar van rep_robert


  • 27269 messages
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Thanksgiving is a wonderfully classic slasher that pretends to be nothing more than pure fun. The first half hour in particular is pure slasher fun with the chaotic Black Friday sale and a few hilarious kills that follow. The "final girl" is also very charismatic and well cast and I can also appreciate the classic design where a number of characters gradually come into the picture who behave suspiciously and of course draw suspicion.

Yet this fun level is not maintained until the end. The second half of the film drags a bit, the supporting characters (friends in the group) are insufferable and you notice that many characters serve little purpose other than being convenient for the plot. Boyfriend Ryan is in it purely for suspicion, but little happens with it. And that new officer got a strange look from that detective, as if there was a whole history behind it. But it is never returned to. As a result, not everything works properly and there is also about ten minutes of unnecessary fat that could have been cut from the film.
The creativity regarding the kills also ran out at some point, although I still find it more fun than the average Slasher.

All in all, this was a fun experience that any slasher fan will enjoy. The creativity could have come back a little more and I started to miss that fun from the first 30 minutes more towards the end.

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avatar van mrklm


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For Thomas Wright's [Rick Hoffman] department store, Black Friday goes horribly wrong for several reasons. His daughter Jessica [Nell Verlaque] smuggles her annoying friends in through a side door, causing a stampede on the store that kills several people. A year later, apparently no one has been prosecuted and despite everything, Thomas plans to open his store again. But oops, in the run-up to Thanksgiving, two of the people responsible for the massacre are gruesomely murdered. No reason to panic. Sheriff Eric Newlon [Patrick Dempsey] will sort it all out in a moment, so no one worries about the annual Thanksgiving Parade or Black Friday. Not even when the killer makes it clear via social media which victims he has on his menu. Jeff Rendell clearly had a black comedy in mind, but Eli Roth doesn't know what to do with the material at all. The opening makes it clear that he has no knowledge of comedy and the gruesome murders so typical of him are more strange than gruesome. It is full of references to slasher classics, but contains at least as many cardboard characters that do not generate any sympathy. You can recognize them by the F-word. The attentive viewer can also guess the identity of the perpetrator within a few minutes.

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avatar van Mr. Rock

Mr. Rock

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Mediocre and unoriginal slasher. The entire film shows that the makers thought: how do we make a kind of Scream ripoff, but in 2023? Solution: by having the characters constantly use their smartphones, throwing in some terms like 'stream' and 'viral'. And hey, a contemporary slasher!

Rare is the number of annoying characters. You always have that in those teenage slashers, but here almost everyone is annoying. Lots of overacting, just unsympathetic characters.

A few scenes are worth watching. Particularly the one in the store at the beginning and the parade towards the end. Also some entertaining and creative kills.

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