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Terrore nello Spazio (1965)

Horror | 88 minutes
2,83 57 votes

Genre: Horror / Scifi

Duration: 88 minuten

Alternative titles: Planet of the Vampires / The Demon Planet / Planet of Blood / Space Mutants / Terror in Space / The Haunted Planet / The Haunted World / The Outlawed Planet / The Planet of Terror / The Planet of the Damned

Country: Italy / Spain

Directed by: Mario Bava

Stars: Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell and Ángel Aranda

IMDb score: 6,2 (6.833)

Releasedate: 15 September 1965


Terrore nello Spazio plot

"This was the day the universe trembled before the demon forces of the killer planet!"

In the future, two spaceships, Argos and Galliot, must investigate the dark planet Aura. When the Galliot lands on the planet, the crew suddenly starts attacking each other. The crew discovered the crashed Argos, and discover that the crew of that ship died from infighting.

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avatar van Richard_Voorhees


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I've never been much into sci-fi and while watching I found my toes curling again from the leather suits and the laser beams. The story is still fairly original. The parasite-like aliens weren't widely used before then I guess (although I could imagine one of those low budget sci-fi's from the 50's using this as well).
Visually, the film may still be there. The sets, including those on the planet, still look pretty nice.
The characters are just as flat as anything and it only gets a bit more interesting when the mysterious alien race starts to get involved.
A very cheesy sci-fi/horror movie that can hardly be compared to Bava's other work.

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avatar van baspls


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Strange duck in Mario Bava's oeuvre. Although he was of course just one of the directors of the Italian exploitation industry and not necessarily a Horror director, which was of course his specialty. Science fiction was immensely popular in the 1950s and 1960s and Italian producers naturally saw potential in the popularity of Hollywood productions.

Terrore nello Spazio, mainly known in English as Planet of the Vampires, tells the story of two spaceships responding to a distress signal in a remote corner of the universe. Once there, they get technical problems and crew members start behaving strangely...

Actually, this is pretty much what I expected from Forbidden Planet. A nice atmospheric old film with a mysterious plot. The brilliant cinematography and use of color by Mario Bava give the film a very strong appearance. In addition, the interior of the spaceship and the surface of the planet were quite impressive. The planet was somewhat reminiscent of a colorful version of the lunar landscape as drawn by Hergé in the Tintin album Men on the Moon. The soundtrack consists of an atmospheric sound design of Themerins and Moog synthesizers.

The similarities with Alien immediately stand out, Terrore nello Spazio was therefore a great source of inspiration for that film. The plot of the story is the same and there are a lot of similarities in the plot when you think about it. Visually, shots of the ship are also nearly identical, and both films feature skeletons of large humanoid aliens who were previous victims.

The miniatures were just not realistic enough, the costumes were quite wrong and the story ended up being a bit corny (because they are not real vampires). The pace was actually just a bit too slow. Still quite an entertaining SF film from Bava.

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avatar van Woland


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Mario Bava - in space. This film was clearly made on a zero budget, despite the fact that Mario Bava still tries to entertain it with skillful tricks and good film work. The fog machines are on full blast so that as little of the planet as possible actually needs to be in view, and the aliens are a kind of space vampires that spiritually possess the crew, so they can look like any other crew member.[ /spoiler] But nevertheless it still looks very cheap at times, even with the incredibly cheesy space uniforms in which people walk around, although Bava still does his best. And, admittedly, at other times he is clearly successful: sometimes the world looks interesting and unearthly again. The story is somewhat reminiscent of The Thing, and apparently Ridley Scott also looked closely at this film. It's also quite nicely done, but the intended paranoia didn't quite get over with me and it was very slow. But a sufficient one, yes.

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