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Sting (2024)

Horror | 91 minutes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 91 minuten

Country: Australia / United States

Directed by: Kiah Roache-Turner

Stars: Alyla Browne, Penelope Mitchell and Ryan Corr

IMDb score: 5,7 (4.946)

Releasedate: 12 April 2024

Sting plot

"Your biggest fear just got bigger."

In New York, 12-year-old Charlotte stumbles upon an egg in her apartment. From this hatches a spider with whom Charlotte bonds. Meanwhile, her stepfather Ethan tries to make a connection with her through their joint project, although a lot of attention is paid to the new baby. Charlotte keeps her newest pet, Sting, a secret, but it grows as her love for the critter grows. Sting is shown to be hungry for human flesh and blood.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Director Kiah Roache-Turner's previous projects were mainly dedicated to exploring his own universe, with Sting he is more interested in the exploration of well-worn clichés. Nevertheless, the film looks neat, with innovative camera work and an enthusiastic pace. The acting of the young Alyla Browne is also strong enough to carry the film and the supporting roles are idiosyncratic enough to remain interesting. Of course, the spider itself is the absolute show stealer, but after a while you as a viewer miss a certain sense of spectacle and scale. In the end, that thing doesn't get that big. The escalation takes a long time and the finale is a big downer, but if you have arachnophobia you might shudder a little more. The film actively responds to that. What is also unfortunate is the rather absent and restlessly built-up tension, which means that the whole thing never turns out to be a real nail-biter. For quick and easy entertainment, Sting is a suitable option, but for viewers hoping for a quality piece of horror it turns out to be more disappointing.

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avatar van james_cameron


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Mediocre Australian horror work about an alien spider that infests an apartment complex in New York. Visually okay and there are some effective moments here and there, but not enough to make it stand out above the rest. Cast, plot and special effects are only acceptable. Then I thought the recent comparable French Vermines was a little better, although it wasn't exactly great either.

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avatar van mrkos


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Actually the second spider film of this year. Unfortunately, this was slightly inferior to that other spider film Vermines.

On a cold winter evening, a meteorite suddenly flies into an old lady's room. It's not just a meteorite, but an egg sac. Charlotte, a twelve-year-old girl, sees a spider walking in the same room and decides to take it with her. It is the spider emerging from the egg sac. Once in her room, she puts the animal in a glass jar and feeds it. But it doesn't take long before she discovers that this is no normal spider.

First of all, a few words about the family and the apartment complex where this animal will be housed. A strange mix of characters haha. There was the grandmother who had dementia and forgot everything. This sometimes resulted in some funny scenes. The aunt who seems like a half-witch, is always grumpy and has comments on everyone. The father who is not Charlotte's real father, but tries to be there for Charlotte as much as possible. They still have a baby with her mother, but Charlotte is reluctant to do so, because she now naturally receives less attention from her parents. Then there's a neighbor who has apparently lost her family and another neighbor who is researching the ability of fish to recreate pancreatic cells. Finally, we have an exterminator named Frank, who tries to help the residents. In short, there are a few interesting characters and they all add something.

All in all, I enjoyed myself. The story was simple and the structure was neat. The spider looked fine. Unfortunately just too few kills. The one we got to see looked good. Unfortunately, there was little tension and there were plenty of clichés. Fortunately, the jump scares were okay.

3 stars.

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