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Pulse (2006)

Horror | 90 minutes
2,91 483 votes

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 90 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Jim Sonzero

Stars: Kristen Bell, Christina Milian and Ian Somerhalder

IMDb score: 4,7 (30.593)

Releasedate: 11 August 2006

Pulse plot

"You are now infected."

Mattie (Kristen Bell) is a college student who hasn't heard from her boyfriend Josh (Jonathan Tucker) for a while. When she visits him, she sees how Josh has hanged himself. Yet Josh is not the only one, there appears to have been a whole wave of suicides. When Mattie suddenly sees Josh logged in during a chat with her friends, who then calls them for help, she knows something is seriously wrong. Why do so many people commit suicide? How does Josh get to her computer? And who are those strange people she keeps seeing?

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avatar van Gang_Star


  • 6837 messages
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Apparently a remake of an Asian original this Pulse, at least it was clear to see. That's what this American film felt somewhat like. A decent horror film that largely takes place completely in the dark, which makes the atmosphere very successful. The film has the necessary tension and the story in which a virus creates the danger through which ghosts come is strong. A dark film that provides a decent piece of entertainment with its dark scenes, tension and a good story.

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avatar van remorz


  • 1926 messages
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Still right.

You know that: you are impressed by a film (4*), don't write a message with it, and over the years you start to have some doubts. Now that I tipped this last in the Horror TipTop topic, I couldn't resist checking what was left of it.

It is not difficult to understand why the expectation is low beforehand, or why doubt can return afterwards. Remake of an Asian horror, no impressive cast and a bit in that stream of run of the mill horrors that sometimes lead a telephone, then a video tape as hell's gate. Still, this one excels at least visually and although the soundtrack could use some more distortion, image and sound work well together to create a creepy atmosphere.

Fairly muted in color, there is a lot of emphasis on black, white and gray tones. Perhaps they wanted to enhance the contrast with the red tape, but that grim look also fits perfectly with the dejected helplessness that must emanate from the victims.

It remains a bit of a fuss exactly how the evil entity works, but the framework is sufficient. In any case, it is accompanied by some dark snuff movies, the sucking up of souls and the occasional glittery white-noise demon. In terms of content, you never get a completely close feeling with it, but it does leave some room for threats from incalculability. In any case, the question marks ("Yes, but HOW?") never get in the way too much.

A handful of very strong scenes, a gloomy atmosphere and (audio)visual just above average for what you would expect from this. Shame about the cast. Of course there are no acting guns here, but with Bell, Somerhalder and especially Milian you lose your chances of a small masterpiece in advance. Nevertheless very nice. I'll just leave the 4* alone.

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