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2001 Maniacs (2005)

Horror | 87 minutes
2,66 375 votes

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Duration: 87 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Tim Sullivan

Stars: Robert Englund, Lin Shaye and Jay Gillespie

IMDb score: 5,3 (13.127)

Releasedate: 12 May 2005

2001 Maniacs plot

"You are what THEY eat!"

Three friends take a shortcut during a trip and, along with five other young people, end up in the small town of Pleasant Valley. The locals give them a very warm welcome and they are all named guests of honor at the annual Guts 'n Glory Jubilee. But it isn't long before the group discovers that they shouldn't have come here, as they are brutally slaughtered one by one by the population.

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In August 2008 I rated this film 3.5*. Now, more than four and a half years later, my opinion has completely changed. I don't understand what ever I found about this, because now I don't like it much anymore. The comedy is cringe-inducing and the jokes are not fun, the acting is also far below par. In terms of horror, it is fortunately a bit better, but this horror/comedy does not contain more than a good portion of gore.

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avatar van sinterklaas


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Wonderful over the top again!

The plot is a bit recycled again; a group of young people comes "somewhere" and "scary things happen". This time in some heavily Reformed village nailed together in a remote corner of Louisiana called Pleasent Valley, which is 400 years behind schedule. The group of young people and also other accidentally lost people are not yet aware of any harm and accept the hospitality of the Orthodox villagers who are not quite ready to wake up to the alarm. We meet very strange, almost possessed people, two old bearded men who apparently also sleep with their guitars, and that one country bumpkin who has an obvious love for animal sex. Everything is run by a quirky mayor that has been nicely portrayed by Robert Englund. Coincidentally, they were just working on a festival where newcomers are more than welcome. Right, because there has to be meat in the tub again.

Another film that is just wonderfully wrong and over the top. The villagers here are portrayed as very extremist, sectarian and brainwashed, and the massacres are also unavoidable. Just enjoy it again with a proud smile.


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avatar van Chainsaw


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Completely ridiculous pulp movie, this remake of Two Thousand Maniacs! from director Herschell Gordon Lewis. The opening of the film, with some students being taught by Peter Stormare in a mini supporting role, already sets the tone; the movie tries really hard to be funny, but is especially annoying when it's supposed to be comical. The main characters are somewhat annoying teenagers, straight out of an American Pie direct-to-video sequel. They are horny and stupid and therefore invariably get into trouble. They end up in a small town full of over-acting thugs in dungarees and filthy shirts. Except for the ladies, they are all appetizing and seduce the horny men. All of this is very scanty and largely unpleasant. Still, 2001 Maniacs has its charm.

That charm is partly in the gore, which is wonderfully exaggerated. Characters are torn to pieces and killed in a very cartoonish and gory way. It's those moments when the film becomes entertaining. It remains all childish nonsense, but the liters of blood and gore give the film that little bit extra. No attempt is made to make the film scary or exciting. Another highlight is Robert Englund in a fine over the top lead. He can shine again as the over the top mayor of the village and he does that well. He is the only one in the cast who leaves an impression. Luckily all cast members seem to know what kind of movie they're in, so we're spared any character development or serious subplots. For those who have no problem watching a raunchy episode of Looney Tunes for 80 minutes, this isn't so bad. But don't expect a whiff more than that either; anyone who hopes to see more than some adolescent, gory nonsense will be very disappointed.

Go ahead, 2.5 stars.

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