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Unsane (2018)

Drama | 98 minutes
3,09 408 votes

Genre: Drama / Horror

Duration: 98 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard and Jay Pharoah

IMDb score: 6,4 (49.884)

Releasedate: 21 February 2018

Unsane plot

"Is she or isn't she?"

'Unsane' follows a young woman who is locked up against her will in a mental institution. She comes face to face with her worst fears. Are the horrible experiences she is going through real or just a side effect of her madness?

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How super annoying that everyone says Iphone 7 plus instead of PHONE. Do people get paid for that or something? Apple iPhone 7 plus. Apple iphone and then model 7, the plus edition.

This movie filmed on iphone7plus is quite exciting. By using an iphone7plus you are very close to the characters. Also, the iphone7plus really shows that you can make a movie with just a million dollars. Plot technically it is not all that strong or original, but it is strongly put down with such an iphone7plus. I thought the acting was very strong, but maybe that's because the iphone7plus is so small that the actors feel more at ease.

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“I'm not crazy!”

Very successful experiment by Soderbergh. Filming everything with an iPhone is of course a nice gimmick, but a good story and strong acting is ultimately even more important. Unsane has an oppressive atmosphere and the feeling of paranoia is constantly present. Claire Foy is a fantastic actress and knows how to take the viewer into Sawyer's battle against her stalker in every scene (she is also in almost every scene). The solitary scene with Foy and Leonard is brilliant and one big highlight. What's real and what's only going on in Sawyer's head? The film provides answers, but wisely also leaves something for interpretation.

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avatar van coumi


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Soderbergh has already announced his retirement a number of times, I suspect he is a bit tired of his job and is currently in a phase where he delivers experimental films that try to play a game with the viewer. Is Foy herself a bit crazy, or do those strange things really happen around her, is the key question here and the makers don't give a completely satisfactory answer. Unsane nevertheless starts very strong and is even very oppressive for the first 45 minutes due to the nightmarish atmosphere, but gradually there are some unbelievable twists and turns which make the film quite unbalanced and eventually has a hint of failure hanging around it. I also can't help feeling that the makers of this have a lot of frustration with the American system of hospitalizations, and that this has ultimately led to this unbalanced whole. As a thriller, Unsane has its moments, but you can expect more from Soderbergh.

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