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Thelma (2017)

Drama | 116 minutes
3,45 449 votes

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Duration: 116 minuten

Country: Norway / France / Denmark / Sweden

Directed by: Joachim Trier

Stars: Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins and Ellen Dorrit Petersen

IMDb score: 7,0 (36.819)

Releasedate: 15 September 2017

Thelma plot

Thelma (Eili Harboe), a young Norwegian student, moves to Oslo. There she falls in love with a handsome classmate. At the same time, she begins to discover that she has an enigmatic and inexplicable connection to the supernatural. She appears to have supernatural powers.

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avatar van Ferdydurke


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Trier as a schoolmaster who does everything he can to keep his class focused, with what you could see as a very cuddly sister of Ducournau's Grave. But a comparison with another film might be even more fitting; a film, of which Thelma is more or less the Disney variant.

We are very helpfully guided on our journey through the haunted house, where the lighting regularly fails and flocks of birds do not realize that the window is closed, with a crystal-clear conflict of conscience from the start, caused by, yes, an orthodox Christian upbringing. It's good that this is finally being addressed.

That 'religious fundamentalism' is, of course, no more than one of the (but one of the most manageable) manifestations of the many-headed monster of the age-old women-oppressive patriarchy, which Thelma gloriously deals with.

The doctor comes to explain to us what's wrong, just to be sure, and we google for the historical perspective, with witch persecutions and the epidemic 'hysteria' among women at the turn of the last century.

The patricide is once again liberating, and mother is told 'get up and walk'. Gosh Mina, Jesus may have been a woman; Didn't that revelation come up in about the same parts recently?

Trier, Von Trier... Is that affected prefix the mark, the breakwater, of the ongoing flood of culturally correct filth from Scandinavia? The sign of the redeeming... Antichrist?

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avatar van Phoenix


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In just thought it was a nice joke that those parents, in a last desperate attempt to calm their fratricidal daughter, reach for both science (spray that bite) and religious fundamentalism, while there is no reason that they themselves are Christian raised. Just as people have always looked for the false security of God etc., just to be able to deal with phenomena they cannot explain and which therefore terrify them. Like women writhing on the ground (the serpent is never far away).

And it just worked. Only as soon as Thelma flies out of the house and gets all kinds of sensory stimuli, the way the high school tune always goes (too bad Trier couldn't come up with something more special there), birds start chattering against windows again and everything goes wrong. In that regard, Dad wasn't all that bad, except if you look from Thelma's perspective, as this movie for the most part does.

As a result, Trier certainly seems to come out more firmly than necessary in the second part. I especially thought the 'get up and walk' thing was a bit misplaced, especially since I'm not at all convinced that sweet, timid Thelma only has good intentions at the end.

Apart from all this a (indeed) mainly atmospheric film with a lot of hypothermic silence, broken by a few wonderful surrealistic outbursts. Couple of wonderful finds too, especially that hair in the glass, fluttering on one side, silent on the other. I thought that was great.


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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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Trier knows he does and he does it well. Thelma has references to other movies like Carrie or Requiem, but just when you think he's copying too many of those movies, he goes beyond that. Very atmospheric with threatening music and beautiful images. With a wonderful cast and an exciting story. Glad to be on the edge of my seat once again. Never expected this movie to be this good.

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