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Cat People (1942)

Drama | 73 minutes
3,36 203 votes

Genre: Drama / Horror

Duration: 73 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Jacques Tourneur

Stars: Simone Simon, Kent Smith and Tom Conway

IMDb score: 7,2 (25.959)

Releasedate: 5 December 1942

Cat People plot


Irena Dubrovna is a beautiful, mysterious Serbian woman who now lives in New York. Technical artist Oliver Reed falls in love with her and they get married. Their marriage is so strained that Irene sometimes thinks she was cursed a long time ago. Whenever she gets emotionally excited, she fears turning into a panther and killing her husband. Oliver thinks it's ridiculous and childish, and sends her to the psychiatrist Dr. Judd, who has to heal her. But that's easier said than done.

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Irena Dubrovna Reed

Oliver Reed

Dr. Louis Judd

Alice Moore

The Commodore

Sue Ellen (uncredited)

Zookeeper (uncredited)

Street Policeman (uncredited)

Mrs. Plunkett (uncredited)

Mrs. Agnew (uncredited)

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avatar van baspls


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"You can fool everybody, but laudie dearie me, you can't fool a cat. They seem to know who's not right."

Cats have always been my favorite animals, so I couldn't let a movie with the title Cat People pass me by.

A man meets a mysterious woman at the zoo. Soon they get married, but unfortunately the marriage is not without problems. The woman is frightened by the legends of the Cat People, women who turn into panthers...

The first Val Lewton movie I see. I like the evocative way in which tension is created. Nice elongated tension that is broken off at the last moment, a style that would later characterize him. The production was quite difficult, but the film was a great success at the time.

The acting is fine and the story is nice and mysterious and intriguing. In the end, there was perhaps a little too much drama in the - already quite short - film, but the exciting moments and legends made the film more than worth watching. Most memorable were the pool scenes, the chase, and the ending.

Highly recommended this horror classic. Check out the 80s remake with David Bowie soon.

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avatar van ZAP!


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Beautiful film, every time I look at it differently it seems. Probably because it is a film that leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of story. What is it really about? Everything is quoted and suggested, but little seems definitive (maybe just me - I'm still undecided on some things. Eg: Oliver scares Irena away with a tool that on the one hand is a symbol of science, on the other hand it casts a shadow on the wall in the form of a crucifix, not exactly a scientific symbol to me, but if you compare it to the sword that a previously quoted king once used to subdue the natives of Serbia, you should consider Christianity to science, and I can only agree with that to a certain, not too high, degree). The ending remains mysterious for now.

The scene described above with the confrontation between Oliver (and Alice) with Irena stood out even more this time (also the numbers 1 to 10 on another wall). But the film is full of great scenes, like the pursuit of Alice, the one in the pool, or some with the great (sort of) spiral staircase (which was also used in 'The Magnificent Ambersons', as I learned from the documentary that also on my Blu-ray). But this time the animation of the black panthers stood out the most, beautiful!

Simone Simon is enchanting as the elusive beauty, but the rest of the cast is not inferior to her in principle. And quickly looking for more from Tourneur, but also from Val Lewton, because that was an interesting documentary about an interesting movie character.

The big 9 remains.

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avatar van clubsport


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Too much suggestion and too little real tension and horror , that is actually how I want to summarize this film in a nutshell .

It starts nicely but the horror part just doesn't really want to come off and it gets stuck in some suspense moments.

The actors and actresses do their best but it doesn't really save the movie

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