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Fong Juk (2006)

Crime | 100 minutes
3,49 227 votes

Genre: Crime / Thriller

Duration: 100 minuten

Alternative titles: Exiled / 放‧逐

Country: Hong-Kong

Directed by: Johnnie To

Stars: Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Francis Ng and Simon Yam

IMDb score: 7,2 (9.722)

Releasedate: 6 September 2006


Fong Juk plot

"Leaving it all behind..."

Wo (Nick Cheung) is an ex-criminal who has been banned by his old crime boss Fay (Simon Yam) and now wants to start a new quiet life with his family. One day, his old henchmen Blaze (Anthony Wong) and Fat (Suet Lam) come to Macau to kill him. However, Wo also has his old buddies Tai (Francis Ng) and Cat (Roy Cheung) who give him some time to secure the future for his future widow and newborn baby.

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avatar van Gang_Star


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Exiled, clearly a crime/thriller. Why there is action on the DVD cover of this film is a mystery to me. It is a fact that I started this film with completely different expectations. I can still remember turning on this movie years ago, but where I literally couldn't recall a single scene. I then fell asleep, so after seeing this film (again) I suspect that it was after only a few minutes. Either way, there are definitely moments that linger. For example, the opening with shooting that can and more towards the end shooting a gun was fun. Furthermore, the shootouts were quite stylish, but it is a pity that there is relatively little action in Exiled. The beginning started out promising, but then the pace was too slow, which made it all take too long for me. The acting is fine, but unfortunately the story is a bit too basic and the film could have been a lot smoother in my opinion.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Great review.

I have no idea what stopped me from giving this a 4.5* the first time. To does really great things here. He strips the typical crime film of all the nonsense surrounding it and focuses almost exclusively on the genre elements.

And he does it best. Beautifully portrayed, very fitting soundtrack and also perfect acting. Each scene is actually almost a short film in itself. To keeps aiming his camera at individuals while you rarely get an overall picture of a situation, which builds up the tension nicely.

Every now and then it goes completely wild, a nice contrast to the slow and calm build-up that further characterizes the film. Perfect genre work, with To's stamp visible. It's how I like my movies. One of his best works, with the scene at the doctor's as the absolute highlight.

4.5* and a extended review

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avatar van frolunda


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In terms of story, the Hong Kong production Fong Juk/Exiled from 2006 all comes together very nicely, something that comes at the expense of credibility.

But these small tricks also ensure that this elegant crime spectacle from director Johnnie To is of a level that you rarely encounter (certainly enjoyed in the American genre).

Responsible for this are the beautiful, even graceful shots of To's regular cameraman Cheng Siu-Keung. Almost every image is a picture in itself. In addition, the action scenes (mainly shootings here) are so stylishly and brilliantly staged that they almost come to you like a dream. The Sergio Leone influences are clearly recognizable here, but in a way that Johnnie To makes them completely his own.

He also has a great cast for that at Exiled, with the not really striking Nick Cheung as the initial centerpiece, the retired criminal Mo. The real fireworks come from the double killer duo, especially Anthony Wong and Francis Ng but also Roy Cheung and Lam Suet certainly do not disappoint. Just like the well-filled supporting roles of Simon Yam and (especially) Richie Jen and Josie Ho.

With such great Hong Kong names both in front of and behind the camera, I naturally expected a few things from Exiled, but I am very impressed by this visually pure viewing pleasure.

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