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Young Frankenstein (1974)

Comedy | 108 minutes
3,30 509 votes

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Duration: 108 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Mel Brooks

Stars: Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle and Marty Feldman

IMDb score: 8,0 (168.691)

Releasedate: 15 December 1974


Young Frankenstein plot

"The scariest comedy of all time!"

A young neurosurgeon inherits the castle from his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds the hunchback Igor, the beautiful assistant Inga and the old housekeeper Frau Blucher. Young Frankenstein thinks his grandfather's work is nothing, but when he finds the book in which the mad doctor described his experiments, he changes his mind.

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Frederick Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monster

Frau Blücher

Inspector Kemp

Gerhard Falkstein

Mr. Hilltop

Medical Student

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avatar van Shadowed


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Had quite high expectations beforehand, but the general expectations for the other Mel Brooks films have now been set. Just think it's a bland, screaming affair. Couldn't laugh at it at any point, but luckily the film does have some other qualities.

Those qualities are especially apparent on a visual level, because the look of the film is very successful. Looks very much like an old-fashioned movie, and that also sets the charm. It's also an ideal recipe for a parody success, which the film then doesn't really use.

Enough ideas from the film, but in general the film only focuses on one type of humor: screaming. Let that be exactly the humor that I don't really like. As Willy Wonka I thought Wilder was very successful, in this role unbearable.

The film uses a lot of yelling and it's nowhere but a little funny. I don't see the humor in it either. The exaggerated expressionistic behavior of the other crew members is also very much exploited. It is also often noticeable that the film was shot on a rough script.

Make-up also feels a bit rushed, the humor is extremely rude but not funny and the pace doesn't want to get off the ground either. It does have a good balance between parody and horror, but the jokes are pretty bland. Perhaps original for that time, but now very dull and uninspired.

Nowhere to really laugh, and when the attention then starts to wane, you know that the parody film will do little for you. There is no speed at all, and Wilder's constant screaming came out of my ears (and especially in) at one point.

It often resembles a stage performance, but one that is nowhere fun. The film does have a number of successful horror moments and a solid underlying message. I could appreciate the ending of the film and the ideas the film takes from the concept, but otherwise I thought it was a very bland affair.

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avatar van Roger Thornhill

Roger Thornhill

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Ooh, no, another one that I shouldn't have re-watched to keep up the fond memories of the first time I saw it. That was at the time of its release in the cinema, so the full house may have been enthusiastic then, because now I could hardly laugh about it, with all those jokes that were unimaginably bland ("What knockers!") and that in many cases were telegraphed well in advance ("Blucher!"). Half stars extra for the beautiful set design, the brave decision to shoot this film in appropriate black and white, and the beautiful appearance of Peter Boyle.

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avatar van ikkegoemikke


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In times long gone, there were two advertisements every week in the weekly newspaper with the program of the local cinemas in Maasmechelen. A past where you could still enjoy an evening at the cinema for 2.5 €, where you were presented with three films. A meaningless pre-film. The main movie, of course. Followed by a b-movie of dubious quality where female nudes could be admired (usually such a soft-erotic film or a Tyrolean sex film). And as an 8-year-old boy I invariably cut out this program every week and kept it in a cigar box. And I can still remember this movie being in it. I looked at that clipping several times because I was fascinated by the movie poster. The screaming Wilder, that imposing castle on the rock and Frankenstein with zippers. Almost 50 years later I finally looked (because as an 8-year-old I didn't have the courage). And to be honest, this made me laugh heartily. I also like that famous Brooks humor (laughed just as much at the time with "History of the World Part I"). The darts scene. The horses that respond to Frau Blücher's name. Frankenstein's thumb on fire and his facial expression as the blind man smashes his wine mug at the clink. The comments of Marty Feldman (Aigor instead of Igor). Bland humor? Yes. Wilder's exaggerated theatrical acting? Yes, of course. But man, this was a bit of fun


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