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Hors Normes (2019)

Comedy | 114 minutes / 109 minutes (dvd)
3,70 439 votes

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Duration: 114 minuten / 109 minuten (dvd)

Alternative title: The Specials

Country: France / Belgium

Directed by: Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano

Stars: Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb and Hélène Vincent

IMDb score: 7,4 (11.313)

Releasedate: 23 October 2019


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Hors Normes plot

Bruno and Malik have been involved in the world of children and young adults with autism for 20 years. They run two non-profit organizations that help underprivileged youth become counselors to care for extreme cases denied by other institutions. An intimate bond develops between these extraordinary personalities.

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avatar van mrklm


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A caustic denunciation of the health care system that casts aside people who do not meet our self-imposed social norms. The patient, diplomatic Bruno [Vincent Cassel] and the straightforward, bold Malik [Rede Kateb] have been taking care of autistic young people for 20 years who do not receive help within the health care system because of their behavior. Just as special is the fact that their staff consists of young adults who have become stuck in the labor market. Bruno and Malik still don't have a permit, so inspectors are coming to determine whether they can continue their work any longer. However, this memorable film mainly focuses on the story of two young people played by inexperienced actors who are actually autistic. Joseph [Benjamin Lesieur] seems ready to take his first steps in the 'normal world' and gets an internship at a washing machine dealer, but he has yet to learn to use public transport independently. Valentin [Marco Locatelli] wears a boxing helmet because he mainly expresses his emotions by banging his head against walls or other hard objects. Dylan [Bryan Mialoundama] is the youth who is assigned as his accompanist and through trial and error not only learns to care for Valentin, but builds a sense of self-worth in the process.

A tour-de-force by Cassell and Kateb who are completely convincing and seem to feel completely at home in a world full of young people with severe forms of autism. The chemistry between the professional actors and the amateurs is one of the many assets of a film that makes up for the bitterness about the healthcare system with an enormous amount of humanity, dignity and a healthy (and much-needed) dose of self-relativistic humor.

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avatar van De filosoof

De filosoof

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Just like with Intouchables, I don't fully understand the hype: the story is not much, there is no depth, the humor is a bit bland and the sentiment is scored in an easy way. It therefore seems to be mainly about the message, in this case that the bureaucratic official health care offers no place for severe autists and that problem cases are better off with love than with protocols. The film actually has no story at all – remarkably we do not even see the outcome of the flirtation in the workplace – and the film is more like a dramatized documentary about a quasi-illegal and strikingly multicultural shelter for autistic people ( played by real autists) who have nowhere else to go under the guidance of juvenile delinquents who are given the opportunity to gain work experience and thus learn responsibilities and social skills.

But this form works wonderfully well: it is a fairly fascinating film that manages to touch the heart with a smile and a tear thanks to its dramatization. It's nice to know that there are good people out there taking care of outcasts and the timing to release the film just before Christmas is very good.

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