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Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Comedy | 108 minutes
2,69 738 votes

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 108 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Sean Anders

Stars: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day

IMDb score: 6,3 (185.441)

Releasedate: 26 November 2014

Horrible Bosses 2 plot

"New crime. Same tools."

Nick, Dale and Kurt decide to start their own business together so they can be their own boss. However, a sneaky investor has other plans with their promising company, plans that unfortunately don't include Nick, Dale and Kurt, and before they have even made a single cent they are out on the street. Nearing despair, the three near-entrepreneurs decide to kidnap the investors' son and hold him hostage until they regain control of their own company.

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avatar van otherfool


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Part one was very nice but this sequel was just really bad, almost humiliating. The plot is made unnecessarily complicated so that the first half hour is almost without a joke. When things finally get going, it is especially noticeable that Day is annoying and Bateman is bored, only Sudeikis of the three seems to really feel like it. Supporting role for Aniston is actually embarrassing actually, what you still feel like as a chaste and very rich actress...

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avatar van Shadowed


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Rather the same.

It's hard for me to recall the previous part, which I saw a few years ago now. What should become clear is that it is only the characters that you need to know a little to follow this part, and luckily I still knew them. What I did forget was how annoying those characters were.

The funnier parts come from the supporting characters. Foxx, Spacey, Pine, Waltz and so on. Those are the faces that the film must have and they also know how to breathe life into them. When it comes to the three main characters, the film gets rather boring. Very dull to see how lifeless Bateman and Sudeikis actually act. Day is a bit more energetic and less annoying than before, but still nowhere really funny.

Multiple evil bosses are no more, all three now face a single person. But it's hardly about that person (at least, you don't get that idea), because we get to see a kind of crime film that can never get going. Maybe the previous part looked a bit like that, but I forgot that. I found it all here but easy put together anyway, not really something you get.

Sometimes nice visual tricks such as accelerated montages and a nice smooth style, so that the film manages to keep you fascinated. But otherwise it's the loud, present humor that never manages to grab me. It does have its better parts though, like the chase at the end. Leaving that aside, it should be your thing, and for me that's just not the case.

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avatar van mrklm


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Nick [Jason Bateman], Dale [Charlie Day] and Kurt [Jason Sudeikis] have come to the conclusion that they never want to work for a boss again and have therefore teamed up. They have designed a unique shower head and believe they have struck the deal of a lifetime with successful businessman Bert Hanson [Christoph Waltz] and his son Rex [Chris Pine]. But soon the three new entrepreneurs discover that they have been screwed horribly. And so they ask old acquaintances for advice on how to take revenge on the Hansons and how to get their money back. A repetition of moves with more tawdry humor, more hysterical screams and downright annoying bickering between Day and Sudeikis (whose presence seems purely perfunctory). Only Spacey and Waltz ensure pleasant life in the brewery, but unfortunately they have hardly anything to do. A textbook example of a bad sequel.

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