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Unga Astrid (2018)

Biography | 123 minutes
3,39 136 votes

Genre: Biography / Drama

Duration: 123 minuten

Alternative title: Becoming Astrid

Country: Sweden / Denmark

Directed by: Pernille Fischer Christensen

Stars: Alba August, Trine Dyrholm and Björn Gustafsson

IMDb score: 7,1 (7.336)

Releasedate: 14 September 2018


Unga Astrid plot

"Be the author of your own story."

When Astrid Lindgren was very young, something happened that struck her deeply. The combination of both miracle and disaster has shaped her whole life. This event turned her into one of the most inspiring women of our time who would come to love the whole world. This is the story of a then young Astrid, who, despite her expectations at the time and her religious upbringing, decided to break free from the norms of society and follow her heart.

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avatar van Cinsault


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Moving coming-of-age biopic about the youthful and young adult life of Swedish Astrid Lindgren, the many-inspiring writer and creator of Pippi Langkous, who passed away in 2002. In Becoming Astrid we see Astrid (a particularly beautiful role by Alba August) at the age of 18 as a headstrong and lively girl in her family, clashing mainly with her strict religious and somewhat cold mother. Astrid turns out to have a writing talent and is soon hired as an intern at a local newspaper, where she then unintentionally becomes pregnant by her (much older) employer and enters into an (impossible) relationship with him. Because he is involved in a nasty divorce and is accused of fornication by his future ex-wife, Astrid decides to place her son (Lasse) with a foster mother in Denmark after birth. Turbulent years follow, in which Astrid's patience and resilience are tested and she changes from a young and naive girl into a very powerful and beautiful young, independent woman who makes her own choices.

Becoming Astrid is particularly strong in the character development, which is also shown by the inspiring acting of Alba August. She carries the film and is a joy to watch. The music is beautiful and supports the emotional moments in an appropriate way. And what a good choice by the director to have different children recite via voice-over at various crucial moments in Astrid's life in what way Astrid's work engages or inspires them, always perfectly in line with Astrid's life at that time. moment.

In Becoming Astrid, Astrid Lindgren gets, to quote de Volkskrant, the attention she deserves (posthumously).

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avatar van scorsese


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Reasonable film about a girl who starts working for a newspaper and gets pregnant by her boss. In itself a beautiful story about a girl who is confronted with adult decisions at a young age. As a biopic about Astrid Lindgren, less successful, since her writing talents are hardly discussed. A bit long-winded, but a nice role by Alba August.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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To be honest, I'm not very familiar with Lindgren's books, let alone her life. Still, after viewing this mini biography, I felt like picking up a book together with my children.

The film actually focuses on Lindgren's life from when she wasn't called Lindgren yet, but simply walked through life as Ericsson. Walking now is a lot to say, because her childhood and adolescence was by no means carefree. No idea how realistic everything is presented, but fortunately she has not had a very bad experience with men. The relationship with her boss has broken down, but that can happen. The love was there, but the circumstances were not always good. Later she meets her husband, but then the movie already ended.

Furthermore, her austere way of life and outlook on life stand out as a determined, headstrong lady. Not so obvious I think at the time and that is also clear from the tense relationship she maintained with her strict religious mother. Her father was often what the bridge between them I noticed, but in the end that bridge was often only passable along 1 path...

Excellent structure also with the old Astrid Lindgren who occasionally appeared and mused away with the cassettes sent and many letters / drawings. Great role by August who gives a nice interpretation of her character. Fine!

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