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Jackie (2016)

Biography | 100 minutes
3,20 614 votes

Genre: Biography / Drama

Duration: 100 minuten

Country: United States / Chili / France / Germany

Directed by: Pablo Larraín

Stars: Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard and Greta Gerwig

IMDb score: 6,6 (83.660)

Releasedate: 2 December 2016

Jackie plot

"I want them to see what they have done to Jack."

'Jackie' gives a look at some days in the life of Jackie Kennedy. It covers the period from the attack on her husband, John F. Kennedy, until his funeral. A period in which she lost the love of her life, but won the love of the people.

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avatar van TheBunk


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Portman is phenomenal. Definitely the role of her life. She portrays a traumatized woman who, in a near-manic way, copes with not only her husband's death but the murder itself, her cracked marriage, the eyes of the world, the strain of the White House legacy. . Tour-de-force, we call this, I believe.

NO I thought was a very nice film, but with Neruda last month and now this one Larrain has really proven himself. El Club and the older titles are on the list. After Neruda I already knew that Larrain is a master at switching between styles/tempos and he succeeds here too. It's not a Malick film, but it certainly does contain 'Malickian' elements John Hurt's monologue. The trap that many directors fall into with these kinds of historical non-fiction stories is that they often want to cover every event. Larrain, however, chooses his moments. He keeps it small in time span and personal in drama. In terms of color palette and filter, this film reminded me a bit of Carol at times. It was also shot so beautifully.

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Do you know that?

The moment when an actress merges into her role in such a way that the linear action of time ceases - as if Natalie Portman were Jackie Kennedy is, transforming the historical figure into a romance character from lore and the actress takes over from the real-life script.

In other words, the moment when fiction creates a factuality that refers the facts themselves to the incalculable and unverifiable landscape of memory and fantasy.

The moment when cinema becomes so unreal real, that the real past dissolves in the haze of the here and now.

The moment when film turns out to have the magic to rewrite the past in the present - look, there, on the silver screen!

'Jackie' is a cinematic sledgehammer blow. The intensity with which Pablo Larraín portrays the shaky psyche of a woman who loses all her possessions in a few fatal seconds is enormous. On the other hand, the increasing internalization of the film (the priest, the white house - the feeling that space is becoming more and more narrow?) does not have a crushing effect, on the contrary. The finale, in which Jackie (or was it Portman?) once again wants to change the course of her thoughts and emotional life, seems a bit too much.

Nevertheless, this kind of experiment blows towards the public like a breath of fresh air. The soundtrack, which is a resonance box of what takes place in a plot, subtly and sublimely underlines the fragile and confident hand with which this unusual portrait was drawn.

Some reservations, some doubts, but above all: emotion. Because of the way the medium is used and because of Portman's phenomenal interpretation.

To resume.


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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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I don't really know Jackie Kennedy, other than the usual facts. The film is not about her entire life, but focuses on the days between her husband's murder and the funeral. How she copes with the loss, the harsh reality that not only her husband has died, but also the president of America. Less time for personal mourning and a new president at the same time. The farewell to her husband, the farewell to the White House that Jackie also left her mark on. What will they remember from him, what is good for the children, what do the people expect…

The build-up to the film is also interesting. Normally directed by Rachel Weisz and her then-husband Darren Aronofsky. Koppel breaks up and both leave the project. Aronofsky still remains producer and is replaced by Pablo Larraín, not an American like Aronofsky. Many of the crew are French or Chilean by the way. I don't think that's bad and ensures that it is not a purely patriotic film, but rather a personal view, as far as that is possible with such a public figure.

The result is a biographical film that is especially visually very impressive with a beautiful Natalie Portman in the title role. Original footage is used here and there, but because of the film style it is sometimes good to see what is original and what is not. You notice it, but the border is thin. And that paints a fascinating picture. The story is less interesting and next to the beautiful Jackie you get a less strong Bobby Kennedy. It is mainly a complicated grieving process again. Jackie can captivate enough, but sometimes misses that extra fireworks. Fortunately, the decoration is well done.

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