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Zootopia (2016)

Animation | 108 minutes
3,62 1.180 votes

Genre: Animation / Adventure

Duration: 108 minuten

Alternative title: Zootropolis

Country: United States

Directed by: Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush

Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman and Idris Elba

IMDb score: 8,0 (547.808)

Releasedate: 11 February 2016

Zootopia plot

"Welcome to the urban jungle."

In an imaginative world full of mammals, ambitious Judy Hopps fulfills her childhood dream. She is the first rabbit to work as a police officer in the Zootopia police force. Once in the big city, the first working days for the overzealous and naive Hopps are disastrous. She is swindled by the cunning fox Nick Wilde and also almost loses her job as a cop. As a last resort, Hopps takes on a case to save her job. Hopps is forced to seek Wilde's help. Together they form an unusual team when it turns out that they have become the target of a conspiracy.

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Stu Hopps (voice)

Yax (voice)

Mayor Leodore Lionheart (voice)

Mrs. Otterton (voice)

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avatar van Shadowed


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Also funny.

Possibly also one of the best Disneys out there. Especially since this Zootopia has secretly put some criticism in his film. The sometimes very realistic view of society is sometimes noticeable, while the makers still keep it quite childish.

The jokes are indeed a bit bland, but the film actually manages to captivate. I think the criticism is perfectly mixed so that children do not immediately realize that this is part of society, but they do get an idea that discriminating because of certain prejudices is wrong.

Overall a great Disney movie.

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avatar van JJ_D


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A film about our societies, here and now. Because it's a mess to me, isn't it?

About the classic scapegoat model, or the divide-and-conquer strategy. About us versus them. About being different. Trying to transcend yourself, not as a choice, not as a talent that some have and others don't, no, as a moral duty. The duty to hack your DNA, expose your biology, and think, feel, act ethically.

And that in an animated film? Definitely. 'Zootopia' shows with a lot of humor and in the typical combination of laughter and tears how we humans are made up. It was once called a fable. Well, this fabulous picture is one of those.


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avatar van rep_robert


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Still a snow-covered Disney gem, despite the good box office. It's certainly not Frozen or anything else in terms of grandeur, but maybe it's also because the film isn't too childish in its design. A large imaginative world is being set up in which it is especially the first hour to enjoy the many original finds in which the many mammals in this world live together and therefore do so together.

The plot is straight forward and when you also find out on the extras of the blu-ray that the focus only shifted from Nick Wilde to Judy Hopps very late in the production process, you realize that it is quite clever that the film has become coherent. They soon realized that Nick Wilde is not a sympathetic protagonist and that the film needed Hopps as the lead character. So they adapted it.

You notice in the synopsis here on MovieMeter that a description has been used from a while before the film was released, because this is of course not correct and therefore does not focus on Hopps. It's actually quite cringe-inducing that no one has ever bothered to change the synopsis here. Maybe I'll just do that.

Fortunately, the film is easy to watch for everyone and what makes the film really epic is the scene with the sloth. Rarely have I had such a giggle in recent years. I had it four years in the cinema already, but still now. This scene is really an instant classic and this alone makes the film a modern Disney hit for me!

And yes, the third act flattens out a bit, works towards a standard moral and has little surprise anymore. But still this remains one of my favorite animations of the last 5 years.


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