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Mummies (2023)

Animation | 88 minutes
3,18 50 votes

Genre: Animation / Adventure

Duration: 88 minuten

Alternative title: Momias

Country: Spain / United States

Directed by: Juan Jesús García Galocha

Stars: Joe Thomas, Eleanor Tomlinson and Santiago Winder

IMDb score: 5,9 (9.121)

Releasedate: 5 January 2023

Mummies plot

"Discover a new world."

In Egypt there is a hidden city underground where mummies live. By an imperial mandate, Princess Nefer must marry Thut, a former charioteer. However, neither of them wants to get married. But the gods' plans are irrevocable: Thut must marry Nefer within seven days and bring the royal ring that the Pharaoh gave him undamaged to the wedding. Meanwhile, on the Earth's surface, Lord Silvester Carnaby conducts an archaeological expedition and finds the wedding ring. Thut must now go to the human world to retrieve him. He is accompanied by Nefer, Sekhem, his twelve-year-old brother, and his crocodile pet. Together they experience a great adventure in modern London.

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avatar van K. V.

K. V.

  • 4137 messages
  • 3615 votes

This was another fun adventure movie. A movie for young and old. The pace was good and the film was not boring. The running time was also good, not too long and not too short. Other than that, the movie looked good.

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avatar van mrklm


  • 8659 messages
  • 8425 votes

An opportunistic archaeologist [Hugh Bonneville] finds the entrance to the world of Mummies, just as Princess Nefer [Elean Tomlinson] is ritually assigned her future partner. The choice falls on Thut [Joe Thomas], a former chariot racer. Nefer thinks she doesn't need a man at all and she and Thut can't stand each other because of a recent run-in. Need I tell more? Maybe the archaeologist gets help from a bumbling twin? Let's just say we're dealing with a corny animation movie that leans on clichés that the bigger animation studios have (fortunately) largely brushed aside. The soundtrack consists of light, pleasant dance music with great work by Karina Pasian as the singing voice of Nefer. Other animation studios can take an example from this.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

  • 8641 messages
  • 4840 votes

Partly due to the relatively high ratings, I had fairly high expectations for this film. To be honest, that was quite disappointing. Not an animated film that sticks out in any case. The setting of ancient Egypt is nice of course and always appeals to the imagination. Only it was all brought so meager. The plot was very weak and there was not much humor in it.

Rather those typical clichés of two people who can't stand each other and later fall in love with each other. *yawn*. The bad guy and the two idiot helpers are also far from original and are purely ruminate individuals. Actually, I liked Kroko the best, but to say that he did a lot is also not true.

The ending was also rushed. Where has the population gone? And does the army consist of 2 soldiers or something? That could be a bit more epic. Weird fellow that Thut too, does he win over 100 chariot races there, is he the James Dean of his time, and is he suddenly struggling with fear of failure? Nonsense.

Oh yes, the best find was the ringtone of our archaeologist when his mommy called: the shower scene from Psycho. Blessed!

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avatar van Alathir


  • 2084 messages
  • 1601 votes

Not bad, not spectacularly good either. I expected a bit more singing to be honest, but it was more limited than many other animated films, despite Nefer even seeming to pursue a singing career in the film.. Story is simple, a bit melodramatic at times but it works in itself.

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