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Memorîzu (1995)

Animation | 113 minutes
3,74 225 votes

Genre: Animation / Fantasy

Duration: 113 minuten

Alternative titles: Memories / メモリーズ

Country: Japan

Directed by: Kôji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura and Katsuhiro Ôtomo

Stars: Tsutomu Isobe, Hideyuki Hori and Isamu Hayashi

IMDb score: 7,5 (21.493)

Releasedate: 23 December 1995


Memorîzu plot

"Memories" consists of three short stories. The first, 'Magnetic Rose', is based on the manga Memories - written by Otomo (Akira). In this, a space debris clearer responds to a signal in a gigantic debris cluster. What follows is a bizarre trip in which past and present merge. In the short film 'Stink Bomb', a lab assistant involuntarily causes a disaster of potentially international proportions. 'Cannon Fodder' is set in a drab fortress town where everyone seems to exist only to operate thousands of cannons, but who is the enemy?

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avatar van Auke Briek

Auke Briek

  • 239 messages
  • 54 votes

Magnetic Rose (5/5) is the second most beautiful movie I've ever seen! Stink Bomb (3.5/5) and Cannon Fodder (3.5/5) are just two mediocre movies in my opinion. Somehow it is a pity that it is a triptych, since the other two films keep the score relatively low (4/5). In this review I will limit myself to Magnetic Rose.

Magnetic Rose is a film that has such a strong emotional impact on me that my body always reacts strongly to it: you can set your clock to it. Whenever the piano keys are pressed and there's an abrupt transition, I'm 'shocked', although perhaps it's more of ecstatic wonder than just 'scare'. Not only the piano scenes do this, but also the transitions from brownish interior to very intense green and blue exterior, or the very detailed wall painting, or the little girl falling down. All this stuff really just kills me completely. The cosmic maelstrom at the end drags me even further into this spiral of 'self-destruction' and when the rose petal has blown away I feel 'reborn' again for a while. It may only take three quarters of an hour: I have rarely seen anything better.

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avatar van centurion81


  • 2040 messages
  • 1830 votes

All three nice films, in which I found Cannon Fodder the strongest by some distance. I've never seen the drawing style before, the minimalism, the tragedy, the raw and the obvious message that never gets loud. Beautiful! Magnetic Rose was interesting and fun, somehow I thought of Interstellar =) Stink Bomb I found entertaining, but nothing special.

Magnetic Rose 3.5*

Stink Bomb 2.5*

Cannon Fodder 4,5*

So below the line 3.5 *

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avatar van arno74


  • 8700 messages
  • 3342 votes

Beautiful. As a sci-fi fan I especially liked the first film ('Magnetic Rose') the most, a short but full-fledged space opera (4*) that is certainly not inferior to other genre films in terms of story. The second movie, about a man who seems to have become a chemical weapon by turning into a stink bomb, was especially funny (3*). Contrary to many here, I liked the third (anti-war) film the least (2.5*) of the three.

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