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Gekijôban Poketto Monsutâ: Myûtsû no Gyakushû (1998)

Animation | 85 minutes (Japanse versie) / 75 minutes (Amerikaanse versie)
2,53 708 votes

Genre: Animation / Adventure

Duration: 85 minuten (Japanse versie) / 75 minuten (Amerikaanse versie)

Alternative title: Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

Country: Japan

Directed by: Kunihiko Yuyama

Stars: Rica Matsumoto, Mayumi Iizuka and Yuji Ueda

IMDb score: 6,3 (46.134)

Releasedate: 18 July 1998

Gekijôban Poketto Monsutâ: Myûtsû no Gyakushû plot

"The Pokémon match of all time is here."

A group of scientists manage to create a new Pokémon using DNA from an extremely rare Pokémon named Mew. However, the scientists can't control him and Mewtwo breaks free... It's up to Ash, Pikachu and their friends to stop Mewtwo.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Satoshi (voice)

Pikachu (voice)

Kasumi (voice)

Togepy (voice)

Takeshi (voice)

Musashi (voice)

Kojirō (voice)

Nyarth (voice)

Junsar (voice)

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avatar van Jesse xD

Jesse xD

  • 47 messages
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This is, of course, a youth sentiment. Was one of my first 'action movie' cinema visits. So my first experience with hard bass effects, and large screen etc. also did a lot of good of course. Completely compared to the small 4:3 TV that they had at home at the time.

I was really impressed with almost everything at the time. From the first Pokémon battle in the movie, to Ash's petrification. I thought it was great.
This was also the first major advance of the Pokémon 'Mewtwo'. Especially the intro, how he gets out of that clone machine, and destroys everything. I thought that was unbelievably spectacular, and it stayed with me for quite some time.

All in all a good Pokémon movie, certainly one of the better ones if you compare it to the movies that came out after that. If I were to assess this film objectively now, you would of course end up quite a bit lower, but for my target group (now, 19 years old) this film was not made at all. My rating therefore goes out to the experience I had then, and it was great. Thick 4.0*

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avatar van baspls


  • 4118 messages
  • 1673 votes

I used to think this movie was crazy. but actually it's pulp crap. horrible. the story is reasonable and by the youth sentiment. but still, pokemon really sucks. many other Animes are much better. like Yu-Ki-O! they are 10x better. not to mention the Topcraft and other Toei movies.

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avatar van Tonypulp


  • 21231 messages
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A while back, in a nostalgic mood, I fished all the Dutch seasons of the OG Pokemon, but I didn't get further than a few episodes. Nothing against the series, but at a younger age it doesn't matter that all episodes (more or less) come down to the same. That way I could also safely watch a fight in Dragon Ball Z that stretched over 2480 episodes. Now I don't like that a bit and the time is not there either, but warmer memories of viewing food from my youth are almost impossible. Pokemon was all the rage and it probably will be for most people of my generation. I can still enjoy that too bland humor, the terrible Dutch dub and of course the world in which it takes place. But in the end this turned out not to be the movie that I used to watch countless times, I think that is: Mewtwo vs Mew, but that is not an official film(?) .

Mewtwo Strikes Back hasn't really made me want to catch up on the last 20 years of Pokemon movies.

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