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The Snake King (2005)

Adventure | 96 minutes
1,54 100 votes

Genre: Adventure / Horror

Duration: 96 minuten

Alternative title: Snakeman

Country: Canada / United States

Directed by: Allan A. Goldstein

Stars: Stephen Baldwin, Jayne Heitmeyer and Gary Hudson

IMDb score: 2,9 (1.039)

Releasedate: 9 April 2005


The Snake King plot

"Pure Evil. Pure Terror. Pure Venom."

Somewhere deep in the Amazon rainforest, archaeologists are surprised to find a perfectly preserved body of a warrior. There is great excitement when dating the mummy reveals that the warrior was 300 years old when he died. Unraveling the secret of this extremely long life could turn the world upside down. Gentech, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, enters the scene. John Simon, the boss of Gentech, thinks that in the jungle lives an undiscovered tribe that knows the secret of a dramatically extended life. He must and will discover this secret and gives Dr. Susan Elter and geneticist Rick Gordon are tasked with exploring the jungle with a team of top researchers.

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avatar van moviemafketel


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How Stephen Baldwin allowed himself to be lent himself to this is a complete mystery to me.

He wouldn't have paid much for it, would he? When you read the plot above you think "hey, that could be a really fun movie", but after a few minutes when the big snake comes into the picture you already know that it is going to be a very long one. Special Effects were awful.

I actually had to laugh about that after a while. That helicopter that crashed was just a small toy helicopter The feminine beauty was unfortunately not particularly beautiful either, so I was happy that the credits were finally there. Well deserved 0.5!

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avatar van Noodless


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From the first minutes you know that this cannot turn out to be anything good. Yet these types of films can sometimes entertain, but unfortunately this one does not. The snake is way too fake, too exaggerated and the effects are just weak. It was nice that the snake had more heads. The story offers no suspense and the kills are weak, although some are funny. The final scene where the villain is completely attacked by the snake is quite comical. 1/10

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avatar van jordandejong


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Hahaha the film is being torn to shreds here on moviemeter, but I am still convinced that there is a market for this. Very nice jungle schlock that if you had told me it was a Bruno Mattei film from the 80s I would have believed you immediately.

It somehow just exudes a huge 80's Italian B Jungle Movie. Stephen Baldwin and Jayne Heitmeyer are fine casting. The snake is of a pitiful CGI level but is entertaining, although the snake is certainly not the highlight of the film, that is just the jungle vibe mentioned earlier. There is a brief tease with a crocodile attack, but that fizzles out.

Unfortunately, things take a huge turn for the worse when the entire team is captured by the 'Snakepeople'. It gets very boring then. We are also introduced to the chief of the Amazon Indians, an English-speaking man with a beer belly......

Fortunately, the last +- 10 minutes are nice and cheesy and we are also presented with some gore.

Absolutely great jungle fun. Could have been fifteen minutes less, but overall it was definitely fun enough to watch. Bizarre that the DVD cover promises some kind of hybrid contortionist while that is not the case at all..... On the other hand, the Italians were not afraid of those kinds of marketing tricks in the 80s.

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