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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Action | 143 minutes
3,89 8.507 votes

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Duration: 143 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Stars: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom

IMDb score: 8,1 (1.207.945)

Releasedate: 9 July 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl plot

"Prepare to be blown out of the water."

Jack Sparrow, the disused captain of the famous ghost ship The Black Pearl, wants his ship back. The new captain, Barbossa, kidnaps Elizabeth Swann during one of their conquests, as Elizabeth appears to be the only one who can break Cortez's curse on Barbossa and his crew. However, the true person who can lift the curse is Will Turner, who is madly in love with Elizabeth. And so, to save Elizabeth, Will enlists the only one who knows the home of The Black Pearl: Captain Jack Sparrow.

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avatar van rcuppen79


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For a long time, it seemed like there was a curse on pirate movies. In the 1920s through the 1960s, these kinds of movies were hugely popular, but after the flop of expensive films like Pirates! from 1986 and Cutthroat Island[/ i] from 1995, there were few studios that still saw potential in a pirate film. Still, Walt Disney Pictures dared to release another large-scale pirate film at the beginning of this millennium. With a budget of 140 million dollars, they took a big gamble.

The screenplay was written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, who also wrote the script for the Disney cartoon [i]Aladdin in the past. And you can see that style again here: spectacular action, topped with a thick layer of humor. The story is based on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at Disneyland.

An ode to the old swashbuckler movies of the 1940s, the film is arguably the most entertaining adventure film since 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark. All the ingredients are there: an entertaining script, spectacular action scenes, exotic locations and entertaining acting. Johnny Depp in particular is fantastically cast as the eccentric pirate Jack Sparrow as well as Geoffrey Rush who can go wonderfully over-the-top in his role of pirate villain. The boring love couple Bloom and Knightley put them in the shade with this.

There really isn't much to say about this amusing adventure film.

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avatar van Lovelyboy


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Long time no see and I'm actually surprised that the film is so old already. At least 16 years old, but the film is far from visible.

Pirates of the Caribbean, based on The Disneyland attraction, still convinces as a particularly stylish and atmospheric, and above all humorous film that scores well with its light-hearted tone. Depp has reinvented himself and put himself on the map with his character Jack Sparrow, yet I think Rush as Barbossa steals the show. Also funny, by the way, the mini role of Lieutenant Gruber in the beginning as harbor master and beautifully filmed the exploding ship in the background during a dialogue/scene between Rush and Knigtley. The latter also looks fine with a little more puppy fat. Finally, the well-known soundtrack by Zimmer, perhaps not his best, but catchy.

Entertain in capital letters with a great story.

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avatar van N00dles


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Revisit after many years. And actually I still think about it pretty much the same: it's a beautifully made, adventurous film that is technically excellent, with good acting, a nice score and special effects, but does that really make it a fun movie to watch? Mom, go. After an hour I'm done with it. It's just too long a seat that could have been a lot shorter.

The plot just isn't that exciting, the humor is often a bit bland, most of the characters aren't super fun (Will Turner especially has zero personality) and everything is drenched in a typical adventure movie sauce.

Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush still make something fun out of it, I thought. So yes, watchable, at times entertaining, but the hype (and the huge milking of sequels) was a bit exaggerated.

He doesn't deserve a 3*, however, increased to 3.5*

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