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The Top 4 James Bond Scenes Of All Time
Photo: © ANP

The Top 4 James Bond Scenes Of All Time

The Top 4 James Bond Scenes Of All Time
Photo: © ANP

As far as successful film franchises are concerned, very few films have a catalogue that spans such a long and successful period in the way Ian Fleming's legendary James Bond has managed to over the last 60 years.

Helped immeasurably by the iconic performances of the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Daniel Craig, the films have managed to stand the test of time and hoover up new fans as they have progressed throughout generations, moving with the latest developments in technology and filmmaking.

In addition to the incredible advances in filmmaking, the films have also been helped due to some of the most iconic one-off scenes, defining their generation in cinema, which is where our focus shall be today.

So, here are the top four best scenes in the history of the Bond franchise.

#4 - Casino Royale - Poker Scene (2006)

Daniel Craig is considered one of the finest ever depictions of 007. He has played him in more films than any other actor and has spent more time as the globally famous British agent than any of his predecessors. In 2006, Craig's first appearance as Bond garnered immense critical acclaim, and on retrospective review, it is considered his best performance as 007. Arguably the most tense and climactic scene in the film is when he gambles over £100 million against the film's antagonist - global crime boss Le Chiffre, played expertly by Mads Mikkelsen. 

High-stakes poker in a land-based casino has incredible drama and excitement involved, as detailed so magnificently in this scene. Although Casino Royale might not have had the same appeal if Bond was playing online poker on the smartphone, in today's day and age, the popularity of online poker has started to cause a stir. Despite these new tendencies, Casino Royale hasn’t lost its popularity as one of the classic movies of all time, it is a definitive Bond film, and it holds its own against any of the greats like Connery’s Dr. No or Goldfinger. 

#3 - GoldenEye - Dam Jump (1995)

In another debut film, Pierce Brosnan had his first outing as Bond, and although it wasn't as highly rated as Casino Royale or many other Bond films, it's still fondly remembered by those who grew up watching Brosnan's version of 007. The opening scene involves a death-defying bungee jump off a dam, which is effortlessly suave in true Bond fashion. 

For many people, this is an immensely iconic scene in one of the more forgettable instalments of the franchise. Still, the cinematography was highly commended at the time, and it is a scene that has stood the test of time nearly thirty years later. Some other Bond fans might also remember the legendary Nintendo 64 game, which was one of the finest ever movie-themed games, and it also paid homage to this incredible opening scene. 

#2 - The Man With The Golden Gun - Scaramanga Fight Scene (1974)

This scene occurred in one of Thailand's most exotic and expensive locations, Phang Nga Bay. The climax of this excellent film was a cat-and-mouse style chase between Roger Moore's Bond and Scaramanga, the main villain. The location and the captivating use of imagery, reflections, and tension make this scene one of the most legendary final duals between Bond and any villain.

Also known as the mirror scene, it involved Bond moving around intricately, using several mirrors to get an advantage over the supervillain, and eventually coming out triumphant. 
Given that half a century has passed since this film, it is nowhere near as dated as other films of the same era, and people are easy to forget just how expensive this scene cost to film; Scaramanga had a lair full of security cameras, which didn't come cheap back in those days!

#1 - Goldfinger - Laser Scene (1964)

Could it be any other scene? One of the most iconic scenes in the history of cinema in one of the greatest Bond films ever. When it looked like Goldfinger had finally got the edge over Bond and strapped him to a table waiting for his impending torturous death via a laser beam slowly making its way up toward his body, the now infamous line reverberated through a generation of Bond fans, with many still ranking this as the most extraordinary scene of them all. 

"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" is one of the most famous and renowned lines of all time and the magical delivery from German actor Gert Fröbe. Although there might be a personal preference involved regarding the best Bond scene, with some people allowing sentiment and nostalgia to rule their heads, there's no real doubt amongst Bond aficionados that this is the most fantastic James Bond scene of all time.

Critics, fans, and analysts are split on the future direction of the Bond films; the last few have been a total deviation from the character that Ian Fleming created all those years ago, and whether it can capture the essence of the classics that made them such a staple in 20th Century cinema seems unlikely. However, to quote another Bond title, never say never.

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