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David Fincher had an ENTIRE Blade movie prepared before the original was made
Photo: © ANP

David Fincher had an ENTIRE Blade movie prepared before the original was made

David Fincher had an ENTIRE Blade movie prepared before the original was made
Photo: © ANP

David Fincher provided an extensive outline for a Blade movie back in the 1990s before the original was produced in 1998.

The character of Blade was popular among comic book fans, but unlike more traditional heroes like Batman and Superman, he would have to wait until the 90s before hitting our screens for the first time.

It was David S. Goyer who started the development of Blade at that time, and he recruited Fincher to help him out. Fincher was coming off the debacle that was Alien 3, but he threw himself into preparations for Blade - even if his vision never materialised with him at the helm.

“I developed a draft with Fincher before he had done Se7en,” Goyer said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“I think he had done Alien 3 and maybe he was developing Se7en. I developed a draft with him. I remember going to our producer's office… There was this giant conference table. Fincher laid out 40 to 50 books of photography and art with post-it notes inside them.

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"He said, ‘This is the movie.'

“ took us on a two-hour tour around the table of the aesthetics of this scene, that character,” Goyer continued. “It was such a fully fleshed out visual pitch… I had never seen something like that before. A lot of that thinking infused my further revisions.”

Eventually, Fincher would leave the project to work on Se7en.

The first two Blade movies would be directed by Stephen Norrington and Guillermo del Toro respectively, while Goyer himself stepped behind the camera for Blade: Trinity.

Goyer's unhappy Blade experience

Goyer says making Blade: Trinity was the 'worst experience' of his career.

There was high hopes for Blade: Trinity after it was announced that Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel would be joining the cast alongside Wesley Snipes as the titular hero, with Goyer writing and directing.

However, the production was a mess and various stories have emerged regarding Snipes' temperament and attitude on set. He allegedly smoked weed in his trailer constantly and even physically threatened Goyer at points, while not taking kindly to the screen time given to Reynolds in particular.

It wasn't a happy time for Goyer.

"The worst experience of my professional career," he confessed.

"It was an incredibly fraught experience it was personally very difficult. I was very depressed afterwards. You talked about one of the nadirs it was definitely that this is even before the movie came out. Despite all of that I still think Wesley is one of the greatest actors of the current generation and it's a tragedy that he's not acting as much as-- I mean the guy is brilliant uh he was going through a lot of trouble at the time.

"All that tax stuff was happening right as we started and  in fact on our first day of filming there was this whole kerfuffle because the IRS had withheld like a bunch of his money and that was all going on in the background and it was...that's kind of all I'll say about it for now but it was it was a mess."

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