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Warrior - Season 1 (2019)

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Show title: Warrior

IMDb score: 8,4 (44.683)

Episodes: 10

Playing time: 7 hour and 40 minutes

Developed by: Jonathan Tropper

Stars: Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng and Andrew Koji

Origin: United States

Releasedate: Friday 5 April 2019

First aired on: Cinemax (Verenigde Staten)

Warrior plot

The story of Warrior revolves around the young Ah Sahm. In the nineteenth century he emigrated from China to the world-famous Chinatown in San Francisco. The Chinese arrives in America during a period when serious gang wars are going on in San Francisco, the so-called Tong Wars. Ah Sahm's martial arts genius lands him a job. He goes to work as a hit man for the Chinese mafia.

Episodes Season 1 (2019)

  1. 1. The Itchy Onion

    5 April 2019 (46 minutes)

  2. 2. There's No China in the Bible

    12 April 2019 (46 minutes)

  3. 3. John Chinaman

    19 April 2019 (46 minutes)

  4. 4. The White Mountain

    26 April 2019 (46 minutes)

  5. 5. The Blood and the Sh*t

    3 May 2019 (46 minutes)

  6. 6. Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On

    10 May 2019 (46 minutes)

  7. 7. The Tiger and the Fox

    17 May 2019 (46 minutes)

  8. 8. They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think

    24 May 2019 (46 minutes)

  9. 9. Chinese Boxing

    31 May 2019 (46 minutes)

  10. 10. If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

    7 June 2019 (46 minutes)

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HALVE TAMME. (moderator series)

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Brother vs Sister.

The Warrior series looks neat and tidy. A few bucks have really gone into it. Before I start a new series, I'm always curious about the intro. Some are cool and or dark ect ect and others you want to quickly forget. Warrior's intro is tight. So tight that I sat it all out with every episode. The Warrior series was written by Bruce Lee. Nice piece of work because I don't imitate him or anyone else. But because the story has been on the shelves for so long, it somehow feels dated. And that disappoints me. You don't have to watch the Warrior series for the story either. Multiple gangs fight for drugs, terrain and respect. A story as old as the road to Rome. Why did I finish this series? The cast, the setting, the atmosphere and the fights are extremely well choreographed. Yes the fights: the Chinese are fast and tactical, the Irish just come with old school fisting and the police? The police are doing nothing! Great. After finishing the Warrior series, I only had one sentence in my head: been there, done that! The Warrior series will not get a real top score from my side. Nevertheless, I had a great time with the first season. I wouldn't mind a second season either. There are worse things in life.


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avatar van Lebarron


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A series with a very long run-up phase. Bruce Lee conceived the concept for this series when he played Kato in The Green Hornet. The Warner Bros studio bosses liked the idea but thought he was too Chinese to play the lead role because the American public would never accept that. She transformed his idea into the series Kung Fu with David Carradine and that became a hit. Bruce Lee then left for Hong Kong and became a film icon there. Bruce Lee was never credited for the Kung Fu series and Lee's original idea was shelved for years due to his untimely death. The Warrior series is set in the Chinatown of San Francisco at the end of the 19th century. The result is an atmospheric decor with dark, dingy alleys that contain all kinds of seedy brothels, gambling houses and opium dens. The Chinese are a close-knit and mostly closed community run by dubious societies called Tongs or secret societies called Triads. These groups are killing each other and at the same time all the Chinese are being killed by the local population because they take their jobs. Amid this tense situation, Ah Sahm, an immigrant looking for his sister Xiaojing, who has fled China from her abusive husband, appears. Ah Sahm soon causes a stir. The series tells an interesting story, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The action scenes are great but the rest is sometimes a bit unbelievable or poorly developed. Lead actor Andrew Koji lacks the charisma needed to play the lead character. It's hard to imagine his appearance causing a stir and ladies falling for him like a rock. This makes it an entertaining series but not a great one because the spirit of Bruce Lee hangs over the series, which makes me subconsciously always think that it would have been better with him in it than it is now. Maybe not quite honest of me.

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