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Smiley's People (1982)

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Show title: Smiley's People

IMDb score: 8,5 (4.774)

Episodes: 6

Playing time: 6 hour

Developed by: Jonathan Powell

Stars: Alec Guinness, Eileen Atkins and Michael Byrne

Origin: United Kingdom

Releasedate: Monday 20 September 1982

First aired on: BBC Two (Verenigd Koninkrijk)


This season is not available on US streaming services.


Smiley's People plot

George Smiley returns to the Game and when someone from his old network is found dead. It's up to Smiley to put things in order. His investigation leads him to his eternal rival Karla. The question is whether he can now deal with this brute of the KGB once and for all. There are no winners in this battle, only losers.

Episodes Season 1 (1982)

  1. 1. A Mother's Assistance

    20 September 1982 (1 hour)

  2. 2. The General's Big Fish

    4 October 1982 (1 hour)

  3. 3. Gathering Friends

    4 October 1982 (1 hour)

  4. 4. The Rogue Elephant

    11 October 1982 (1 hour)

  5. 5. Alexandra Tatjana

    18 October 1982 (1 hour)

  6. 6. Smiley's Lighter

    25 October 1982 (1 hour)

Full cast & crew

Actors and Actresses

George Smiley

Madame Ostrakova

Lauder Strickland

Toby Esterhase

Oliver Lacon

Peter Guillam

Connie Sachs

Otto Leipzig

Alexandra Ostrakova

Madame La Pierre

Claus Kretzschmar

The General

Anton Grigoriev

Reviews & comments

avatar van ZAP!


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Sequel to the phenomenal Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979) where the legend of one Karla is further developed. On the one hand, a bit superfluous because the previous series was actually completely 'finished' in my view, but with Sir Alex Guiness, the modest (very British) narrative style and an interesting story with ditto dialogues you really can't help it then enjoy yourself for six hours.

That is how they do (did) it. Thick 4.0*.

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avatar van Bob Sleeman_mm

Bob Sleeman_mm

  • 15 messages
  • 8 votes

Not as strong as its predecessor, but well worth it. Quietly filmed and acted in the well-known hypothermic English way. They are all typical talk episodes, but the mood and atmosphere is always a bit menacing and indefinable.

Episode 5 stands out due to the (dominant) presence of Barry Foster as the new head of MI6.

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