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Severance - Season 1 (2022)

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Show title: Severance

IMDb score: 8,7 (207.119)

Episodes: 9

Playing time: 7 hour and 10 minutes

Developed by: Dan Erickson

Stars: Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette and Britt Lower

Origin: United States

Releasedate: Thursday 17 February 2022

First aired on: Apple TV+ (Verenigde Staten)

Severance plot

Mark is a data analyst who works for the company 'Lumen Industries'. He leads a team of office workers whose memories of their private and working lives are surgically split apart. When a colleague who previously acted secretly goes missing, Mark is alarmed. Then Mark gradually learns the truth behind the work of Lumen Industries' employees, and begins to realize that the company is more dangerous than it seems.

Episodes Season 1 (2022)

  1. 1. Crystal Dreams

    18 February 2022 (57 minutes)

  2. 2. Read the Script

    18 February 2022 (53 minutes)

  3. 3. Mindfulness

    25 February 2022 (56 minutes)

  4. 4. Separation Anxiety

    4 March 2022 (46 minutes)

  5. 5. Knock, Knock! Dinner Is Ready...

    11 March 2022 (43 minutes)

  6. 6. Seeing Double

    18 March 2022 (40 minutes)

  7. 7. Christmas Party

    25 March 2022 (49 minutes)

  8. 8. Open Forum

    1 April 2022 (46 minutes)

  9. 9. Clock Out

    8 April 2022 (40 minutes)

Reviews & comments

avatar van Suitehome


  • 601 messages
  • 413 votes

The dystopian drama Severance comes from executive producer and director Ben Stiller (Escape at Dannemora). It tells the story of Mark S(cout) (Adam Scott) who leads an office team within Lumon Industries where an implanted chip ensures that the office and home are completely separated. Extremely useful for monitoring the work-life balance! To give you an impression: as a reference I would mention S1 from Homecoming. Which, by the way, was better.

Adam Scott is perfectly cast as an office slave. Scott acts alternately naive, mysterious and initially unfathomable. It soon becomes clear that the dark Severance is not a bite-sized 9-piece chunk. I like slow dramas and character studies, but the first four/five episodes of Severance were a struggle. Severance is mostly secretive and static, keeping the dramatic cards on the chest for far too long. At a slow pace, with a touch of Debtors Crediteuren humor, we are working towards the grand finale. That is not a grande finale, but nothing more than a prelude to S2. Disappointing.

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avatar van james_cameron


  • 6099 messages
  • 9186 votes

Stylishly directed, mysterious series about a team of office workers whose memories of their private and working lives are surgically split. The tone is somewhere between The Office and Twin Peaks, but despite the sometimes funny situations and dialogues, the series is quite oppressive. The cold, sleek design contributes considerably to the strange atmosphere of the whole and the first-class cast knows how to handle the material. Certain questions are answered in the final episode, but the door is wide open for a second season.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original

avatar van SergioMalick


  • 994 messages
  • 1628 votes

That first episode promises so much. Rarely seen such a good actor as Adam Soctt in a series. Don't be put off by the slowness and the lapping, because at the end credits you wake up again in front of the television. It's great to get away from the daily routine as a viewer, just like the main character at the office

Insane bit of escapism (thanks in part to the soundtrack and hypnotic dialogues).

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original


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