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Eric (2024)

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Show title: Eric

IMDb score: 7,0 (21.909)

Episodes: 6

Playing time: 5 hour and 20 minutes

Developed by: Abi Morgan

Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Gaby Hoffmann and McKinley Belcher III

Origin: United Kingdom / United States

Releasedate: Thursday 30 May 2024

First aired on: Netflix (Nederland)

Eric plot

Vincent is one of New York's leading puppeteers and the creator of the wildly popular children's television program 'Good Day Sunshine'. His life falls apart when his nine-year-old son goes missing on his way to school. The desperate father must battle his demons on the vibrant, dangerous and intoxicating streets of 1980s New York in a race to bring his son home.

Episodes Season 1 (2024)

  1. Episode 1

    30 May 2024 (53 minutes)

  2. Episode 2

    30 May 2024 (56 minutes)

  3. Episode 3

    30 May 2024 (54 minutes)

  4. Episode 4

    30 May 2024 (52 minutes)

  5. Episode 5

    30 May 2024 (52 minutes)

  6. Episode 6

    30 May 2024 (53 minutes)

Full cast & crew

Actors and Actresses

Vincent Sullivan

Cassie Anderson

Detective Michael Ledroit

Lennie Wilson

George Lovett

Edgar Anderson

Anne Anderson

Matteo Cripp

Yuusuf Egbe

Cecile Rochelle

Reviews & comments

avatar van movie freak84

movie freak84

  • 213 messages
  • 257 votes

A series about a boy who grows up with parents who only argue. Once he goes to school alone because his parents are arguing and the boy then goes missing. Overall, the series starts off reasonably well, but there are also some things in it that I never liked. Some things make you think, they should have left that out. Start strong. The middle is a bit weaker, but the ending is strong again. I was initially thinking of a 6, but the ending brought me to a 7. Nice for once.

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avatar van knipoog


  • 19 messages
  • 36 votes

Unfortunately, Benedict is unable to create anything credible here. It seems as if the storyline and/or the space he is given by the director get in the way of performance. In any case, he doesn't convince me.

The whole storyline is also just slow.

Unfortunately not worth watching for me (after having struggled through 5 episodes.

The good news is that the supporting roles are doing just fine.

Unfortunately, that doesn't outweigh the bad rest.

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avatar van Diederik58


  • 721 messages
  • 1338 votes

I thought it was a fascinating series. No top. And that was mainly because a lot happens in the series besides the disappearance and the search for Edgar. A little less would also have been nice. Quite ambitious. But possibly the author wanted to prevent it from becoming yet another "kidnapping series". It is set in 1985 and this can be seen in the slowness with which the search progresses. Fortunately, this is now a bit faster and more efficient. I always think it's great to create the street scene and decors in 2024 in such a way that, in this case, you imagine yourself in 1985. Probably CGI and old footage, but still....

The acting is okay. Benedict Cumberbatch succeeds in creating a very unsympathetic boozer. I also think McKinley Belcher III's acting is strong. Neat and somewhat respectable detective with a hidden private life, who survives in the NYPD macho culture with corruption and racism.

The ending is weak, tear-jerkingly melodramatic. That could have been better.

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