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Der Alte (1977-2024)

53 seasons
3,27 136 votes

Alternative title: Onze Ouwe

State: Returning Series

Genre: Drama

Origin: West Germany

Developed by: Helmut Ringelmann

Stars: Michael Ande, Rolf Schimpf and Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

IMDb score: 6,3 (776)

Releasedate: Monday 11 April 1977


This TV Show is not available on US streaming services.


Der Alte plot

Chief Commissioner Köster, "der Alte", solves cases in his own way, often on the edge of the law. For example, he allows himself to be held hostage to pick up an underworld figure or becomes an extortionist himself. Teamwork is not really his thing, but when the need arises, he can always rely on his assistant Heyman. After the Köster period comes Chief Commissioner Kress, who, unlike Köster, is a team player. Because of his calm and sensible, but decisive way of working, the criminals under him also have nothing to laugh about. After Kress comes Chief Commissioner Rolf who is succeeded by Chief Commissioner Richard Voss.


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Actors and actresses

Kommissar Köster

Kriminalhauptkommissar Leo Kress

Gerd Heymann

Kriminaloberkommissar Werner Riedmann

Kriminalkommissar Henry Johnson

Kriminaloberkommissar Axel Richter

Martin Brenner

Franz Millinger

Dr. Franziska Sommerfeld

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