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Making a Murderer (2015-2018)

2 seasons
3,74 206 votes

State: Ended

Genre: Documentary

Origin: United States

Developed by: Laura Ricciardi, Adam Del Deo, Lisa Nishimura and Moira Demos

Stars: Steven Avery, Ken Kratz and Dolores Avery

IMDb score: 8,5 (103.000)

Releasedate: Friday 18 December 2015


Making a Murderer plot

Making a Murderer is about the life of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who spent 18 years in prison for raping Penny Ann Beernsten. DNA analysis later linked the rape to Gregory Allen, a man who has also committed other crimes in Manitowoc County. Avery was released and filed a lawsuit against Manitowoc County and some officials associated with his initial arrest. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Avery was charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach, with the same officials involved in the investigation. Making a Murderer shows the trial and investigation into the murder of Teresa Halbach. Brendan Dassey, Avery's cousin is also charged with murder in the investigation, his trial is also covered in the series.

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Opinions about Making a Murderer

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avatar of Bottleneck


  • 514 votes
Wednesday 7 December 2016
Making a Murderer season 1

Phew what a melancholy and despondency. If you think that after a few strange developments it can't get even more bizarre, you get even more choices.

Respect for the makers of the documentary; the amount of boxes with paper, TV excerpts, audio recordings, interviews, etc. must be infinite in order to make a selection from them.

Which also indicates that a selection sends the viewer to a certain extent anyway, but that is almost inherent in a docu. And it doesn't take away from the fact that it is impressive. Not only the injustice, but also the way in which the documentary is put together. Good atmospheric shots and music in between (would have liked more), a few cliff hangers, clever build-up towards the end, etc. Can't beat a fictional court film. You can hardly imagine it. Very impressive documentary.

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avatar of SPT


  • 6 votes
Wednesday 4 October 2023
Making a Murderer season 1

The 3 stars are purely for viewing pleasure, not for the substantive quality of the series. The way in which Avery - a murderer convicted on the basis of rock-solid evidence with a history of violent crimes, including against women - is trying to be exonerated in a very one-sided manner, crosses ethical boundaries in my opinion. The series wrongly focuses on things we don't know and on parts of the evidence that raise questions. Since Avery has always continued to deny it, it is logical that we do not know exactly how everything happened and that we are left with many questions. Attention should be focused on the evidence that does exist (I am not going to list everything here, there is plenty of it on the internet). The evidence against Brendan is a lot less strong; He may have seen the body and helped dispose of it (this is the story he told to a niece, who asked him a few months after the murder why he was so sad), but he played no further role in the murder. murder of Halbach.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original