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Mindhunter - Season 2 (2019)

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Show title: Mindhunter

IMDb score: 8,6 (342.378)

Episodes: 9

Playing time: 8 hour and 38 minutes

Developed by: Joe Penhall

Stars: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Stacey Roca

Origin: United States

Releasedate: Friday 16 August 2019

First aired on: Netflix (Nederland)

Mindhunter plot

An FBI agent from the Elite Serial Crime Unit develops new forms of behavioral analysis to catch serial killers and rapists. He has achieved many successes with his unorthodox approach. But for every success comes a not so nice price.

Episodes Season 2 (2019)

  1. Episode 1

    16 August 2019 (48 minutes)

  2. Episode 2

    16 August 2019 (46 minutes)

  3. Episode 3

    16 August 2019 (1 hour)

  4. Episode 4

    16 August 2019 (51 minutes)

  5. Episode 5

    16 August 2019 (1 hour and 11 minutes)

  6. Episode 6

    16 August 2019 (58 minutes)

  7. Episode 7

    16 August 2019 (58 minutes)

  8. Episode 8

    16 August 2019 (53 minutes)

  9. Episode 9

    16 August 2019 (1 hour and 13 minutes)

Full cast & crew

Actors and Actresses

Debbie Mitford

Wendy Carr

Unit Chief Shepard

Nancy Tench

Reviews & comments

Not as good as the first season unfortunately, with a few very long-winded and monotonous episodes especially towards the end, but still great at times. Visually it is all beautifully put together, even when little or nothing happens you are still watching breathlessly, and the acting is sublime. The introduction of heavyweights like Son of Sam and Charles Manson is also fascinating. In any case, it still leaves you wanting more, so bring on season three.

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Mindhunter is about the psychology of serial killers, how they think and act, their obsessions, obsessions and desires. In S2, FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) team up with the cool Dr. Carr (Anna Torv) to investigate the psyche of the BTK killer (Bind, Torture, Kill, [i ]you know[/i]) and Charles Manson. It delivers an exciting, sparkling, perfectly staged and sublime season 2. Again with excellent dialogue.

After seeing S1 in 2017, which was a bit disappointing after all the euphoria, I postponed S2 in 2019 until a later moment. Where S1 is more descriptive, pedantic (look what the FBI does) and aloof, S2 is more personal, lively and certainly more conventional. This way the characters are developed much more, and we gain insight into the personal entanglements of the research team. That's a genius move by co-director David Fincher and creator Joe Penhall. Don't miss S2.

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Finally watched this series. It took about two weeks and I binge-watched season 1 within a few days.

A good psychological thriller series has been something I've been looking for for a while since I usually don't get through all the episodes and it's quite unique when I finish a series completely.

Mindhunter will get that done. Both the first and second seasons remain very strong in terms of quality. The clever dialogues, the use of true crimes and serial killers with the 70s style is a nice combination. The interviews with the serial killers are also really interesting. Although season 2 is more of a repetition of moves, the atmosphere is very gloomy and despondent, at a point where it occasionally starts to get annoying. A lot of attention is paid to the private lives of the main characters, only not to that of Agent Ford, making him more and more a one-dimensional character. The sequel could not match season 1 where especially Cameron Britton steals the show as serial killer Ed Kemper.

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