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Line of Duty - Season 5 (2019)

4,13 49 votes

Show title: Line of Duty

IMDb score: 8,7 (71.234)

Episodes: 6

Playing time: 6 hour and 14 minutes

Developed by: Jed Mercurio

Stars: Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure

Origin: United Kingdom

Releasedate: Sunday 31 March 2019

First aired on: BBC One (Verenigd Koninkrijk)

Line of Duty plot

Three years in a row the best reports for solving crimes? That is very good, thinks the head of the British anti-corruption unit. Suspicious too... That's why an internal investigation is being called into the doings of popular police officer DCI Tony Gates. With all its consequences. 'Line of Duty' is a crime thriller about police corruption.

Episodes Season 5 (2019)

  1. 1. Operation Pear Tree

    31 March 2019 (58 minutes)

  2. 2. The Head of Medusa

    7 April 2019 (58 minutes)

  3. 3. Code Zero

    14 April 2019 (58 minutes)

  4. 4. The Betrayal

    21 April 2019 (58 minutes)

  5. 5. On Your Own

    28 April 2019 (58 minutes)

  6. 6. The Intrigue

    5 May 2019 (1 hour and 24 minutes)

Full cast & crew

Actors and Actresses

DCI Roz Huntley

DS Steve Arnott

DC Kate Fleming

Tony Gates

SI Ted Hastings

Lindsay Denton

Matthew 'Dot' Cottan

ACC Derek Hilton

Ryan Pilkington

Nick Huntley

DC Jodie Taylor

DC Jamie Desford

Jimmy Lakewell

Reviews & comments

avatar van james_cameron_mm


  • 225 messages
  • 409 votes

Just as exciting and ingeniously put together as the previous four seasons, with a compelling, complex plot and a lot of nail-biting moments. Here and there the events are not exactly believable and you can certainly question the motivation of certain main characters, but in the end this is still very good. Stephen Graham is a welcome new face in the cast and the lead role of Adrian Dunbar (whose character is going to have to take a beating this season) is great. In any case, I am far from tired of this superior series.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original

avatar van ZAP!


  • 5115 messages
  • 3553 votes

Initially watched the last episode with half an eye - the last three quarters of an hour attentively.

Despite the strong acting, ditto direction and what not more, it is mainly pretended that the Art of Manipulating the Viewer (dKvhMvdK™) is mastered to perfection... I doubt it.

For example, ep.6: the pollen. This is found on the kickback that Hastings received (against his sent, which was featured in an earlier episode). However, that says nothing at all (apart from the fact that pollen from any flower can be found in all kinds of places) about his possible involvement. Then the lady sitting next to him (I don't know what position she has for a moment, and that doesn't matter to my reasoning) who suddenly shows the validity of the obtained evidence (the [spoiler= 157840]bribe with the pollen) questions... Hasting's lawyer missed it , and the prosecution had missed it (and her assistant was forgot to report, or whatever...)...yes, sure...

(of course Hastings has been made a suspect several times in the meantime, among other things due to the scenes in which he slammed his laptop or took his hard drive to the reliable, local hard-disk destroyer almost simultaneously with the interactions with the 'real H' ... sure)

And then also a open ending... no, I almost feel like buying the entire series on DVD on blu-ray to then mercilessly file the entire series again, but I blame the vodka and my fact-fuck nature for now and give this season a gracious 5.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original


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