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Stranger Things creators provide details on season five
Photo: © ANP

Stranger Things creators provide details on season five

Stranger Things creators provide details on season five
Photo: © ANP

Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers have provided some details on season five of the Netflix show which will be released in 2024.

Stranger Things 4 was released on Netflix to critical acclaim, while it is the second show in history to surpass one billion hours of streaming on the platform.

The series will be wrapped up with Stranger Things season 5. Thereafter, the Duffer Brothers will look at ideas for a spin-off.

Plot details are naturally thin at this point, but Ross Duffer has recently revealed that the first script has been handed in to Netflix.

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“We turned in the first script a couple of weeks ago and we’re onto the second. It’s full steam ahead," he said at an event in Hollywood.

“I remember season one we were just amazed that Netflix was letting us do this at all, but season two was when we really, with the writers, we developed an overall plan and a backstory for all of this and make sure that, with the Upside Down, everything about what it was.”

Matt Duffer, meanwhile, said that Netflix executives were left in tears after reading the script.

“We did get our executives to cry, which I felt was a good sign that these executives were crying,” he explained. “The only other times I’ve seen them cry were like budget meetings."

Stranger Things 5 to be shorter

The Duffer Brothers also explained how the show's fifth season will be shorter than season four, which has received criticism over its runtime.

The fourth season has nine episodes released on Netflix, but all were longer than one hour, with the finale coming in at a whopping two hours and 20 minutes.

The runtime is one of the few criticisms aimed at Stranger Things 4, which has proved popular among fans after the mixed reception of Stranger Things 3.

The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that the fifth season will be shorter, as the stage is already set for the show's climax, so there is no need for set-up or exposition.

“The only reason we don’t expect to be as long is, this season, if you look at it, it’s almost a two-hour ramp up before our kids really get drawn into a supernatural mystery,” the pair explained.

“You get to know them, you get to see them in their lives, they’re struggling with adapting to high school and so forth, Steve’s trying to find a date, all of that. None of that is obviously going to be occurring.

“Characters are already going to be in action, they’re already going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel really different."

The pair did concede that the very last episode will be around two-and-a-half hours long again as they have so many character arcs to wrap up.

“I’m sure the wrap-up will be a lot longer, it’s going to be Return of the King-ish with, like, eight endings," they continued.

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