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Little Nicky 2 Poster: Is it real or fake?
Photo: © ANP

Little Nicky 2 Poster: Is it real or fake?

Little Nicky 2 Poster: Is it real or fake?
Photo: © ANP

There is a Little Nicky 2 poster doing the rounds online that has fans of the original Adam Sandler film excited, but is the poster actually real or a fan-made fake?

Sandler has been making a slew of movies for Netflix as part of his Happy Madison Productions arm for the past few years, so it would not be a shock to see Nicky and the demons of hell make a return.

The poster got a lot of traction on the YODA BBY ABY Facebook page, which as of writing has over 46k reactions and a load of comments from hopeful fans.

Little Nicky 2 Poster

So is the poster real? Well if you look at it below you can pretty much tell straight away that it is a fake.

There are several dead giveaways, such as the lettering basically being a Canva font that has the 'neon' setting, as well as the picture of Nicky being ripped straight from the first film.

Could this lead to fans actually getting another film? It could do, as it isn't uncommon for these sorts of viral memes to end up picking up attention from companies like Netflix.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says

Why did people think this was real?

Hope, mainly. That and Sandler has been making movies for Netflix for some time, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility to see something like this actually end up being made.

Interestingly, there aren't a lot of franchises in the Sandler catalogue that actually end up getting sequels, with Grown Ups, Hotel Transylvania and Murder Mystery being the only prominent ones right now.

Although we could end up seeing Little Nicky 2 being made and released on Netflix, I'm sure many fans would agree that the likes of Happy Gilmore 2, 50 First Dates 2 and Billy Madison 2 would probably end up being better.

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