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Bond franchise actor defends controversial twist in Spectre
Photo: © ANP

Bond franchise actor defends controversial twist in Spectre

Bond franchise actor defends controversial twist in Spectre
Photo: © ANP
** This article contains spoilers **

The Daniel Craig era has been the most commercially successful period in the history of the James Bond franchise.

Even though, for the most part, the movies in which Craig is 007 have received praise from critics and fans, there are aspects and plot narratives that have received a negative reaction.

One particular twist resulted in some ire from fans and that concerned the character of Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz in Spectre.

Everyone expected Oberhauser to be eventually revealed as Bond's arch nemesis, Blofeld, but the writers also included that Oberhauser was in fact the adopted brother of James Bond. It was a soap opera-style twist that many deemed unnecessary.

However, Waltz believes it was key to enhancing the enemy dynamic between the two characters.

"I think from a dramatic point of view, or a point of view of drama, it’s a fabulous turn," the Academy Award winner previously told CinemaBlend.

"A fabulous conflict, a fabulous connection, and very useful for the stories. That’s how I felt about it. … It heightens the conflict. Everything that heightens the conflict is useful in a drama."

James Bond dies

The Craig era for Bond would end in even more controversial fashion, as at the conclusion of No Time to Die, 007 dies after being blown up on a remote island.

It was the first time the character has ever been killed in the history of the franchise, and the response was polarising, to say the least.

Waltz has praised the writers for having the balls to do it, though.

"That’s audacious, but it’s fabulous," he said.

"It’s fabulous, because it’s definitely something no one expected. And it does not contradict the continuation of the saga. Daniel made this thing so much his own, and such a specific entity within the saga, that it’s ok if it continues. Even if Daniel’s had died."

James Bond producers are busy casting for the latest version of the character.

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