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Adam McKay reveals details of new satirical script
Photo: © ANP

Adam McKay reveals details of new satirical script

Adam McKay reveals details of new satirical script
Photo: © ANP

Adam McKay's Don't Look Up hit plenty of headlines when it was released on Netflix last year.

The scathing satirical comedy focused on the public's ambivalence toward a meteor hurtling to earth. It was a pointed metaphor for the real-life climate change crisis which continues to be ignored by certain politicians.

McKay made his name through comedies like Anchorman and Step Brothers, but over the last decade he has become an awards darling through movies like The Big Short, Vice and Don't Look Up.

His next movie will continue in the satirical comedy area, and will focus on "dirty money".

“If the last movie was about the outcome of what’s broken about us, that we’re staring at the collapse of the liveable climate, this one is more about the actual arterial blocks in our hearts, what’s causing it, which is, of course, big, dirty money," he said at a Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"And it’s a comedy as well … blended with drama, but I would overall call it a comedy.”

On the climate crisis, McKay lamented the fact that people are more concerned with things like celebrity gossip.

“We have less than eight years before we cross the tipping point of a liveable planet," he continued.

"No one is even arguing with that and yet we are all like ‘Johnny Depp, Amber Heard.’ So you have to laugh at it, but you also have to get to work on it.”

Serious subject matter for McKay

Plots around McKay's recent movies have surrounded the banking collapse in 2008, vice president Dick Cheney's influence over the Iraq War, and climate change.

He says it is important to retain one's sense of humour when dealing with serious subjects.

“I don’t think that has to be separate from being serious and emotional and profound," the director explained.

"I think you can laugh about something while still recognising that it is serious.”

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