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Dreamcatcher (2003)

Horror | 134 minutes
2,75 1.280 votes

Genre: Horror / Scifi

Duration: 134 minuten

Country: United States / Canada

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan

Stars: Thomas Jane, Morgan Freeman and Tom Sizemore

IMDb score: 5,5 (96.676)

Releasedate: 21 March 2003

Dreamcatcher plot

"A circle of friendship. A web of mystery. A pattern of fear."

Four friends meet in the woods for their annual hunt. When a stranger stumbles into their camp disoriented, the friends find themselves in conflict with an army colonel and a creature that has taken possession of one of them.

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Col. Abraham Curtis

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Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden

Gary 'Jonesy' Jones

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Douglas 'Duddits' Cavell

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avatar van Chainsaw


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In the cinema I was still fairly positive about Dreamcatcher 16 years ago, but looking back this is actually just a very stupid film. At the time it was already clear to me that the film starts stronger than it closes, but we can't speak of a really strong start. The four starring actors - Lewis, Lee, Jane and Olyphant - are very nice; well cast and good chemistry. It's just that none of them talk like normal people. Sometimes Kasdan tries to portray them as 'such a typical normal group of men', but I wonder if Kasdan knows how people talk. Still, a film in which these four friends are only locked up in a house in the woods would immediately make for a much better film. There are also a few good scenes in the first part. But then it goes all - and I mean really all - at Dreamcatcher.

In other words, we get: worms with sharp teeth coming out of someone's ass. An alien who takes over main character Jones and makes him speak with a British accent. Morgan Freeman with huge eyebrows, who is on an alien hunt. Thomas Jane making a phone call with a gun. The ugliest CGI in a scene that could have come straight out of Independence Day, where helicopters blast a UFO. A mentally retarded boy, who also has leukemia, who turns out to be an alien. A film that doesn't bother to finish decently, but just throws the picture black immediately after the dull final battle. It may be obvious; Dreamcatcher is an insane, stupid movie that makes you wonder how anyone could think this would get a little scary or exciting? Unfortunately, Dreamcatcher isn't quite as campy and fun as a Sleepwalkers or Maximum Overdrive, so there's less to enjoy its wickedness.

2 stars.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Could have been good, but Kasdan proves once again that King books are not so easy to film. This task has thus become too difficult for Kasdan, because this film seems to be the result of a failed King adaptation.

I didn't like the beginning that much, but at least the story was still standing. It was already unnecessarily confusing, but that's part of it. In the end I could still follow it, the forests were beautifully portrayed and those alien snakes were really cool.

Unfortunately, the story soon begins to fall apart. 134 minutes is plenty of time to make a good, throbbing and interesting horror film, and yet Kasdan manages to deliver it so messy. It even seems like 3 science fiction movies have been crammed together.

I don't know what Freeman was thinking either, but he's a bit of a fool here. Everyone looks normal and then his look is like Professor Lupardi. Jane also knows little about his role, every time I hear his voice I think of Batman.

The story has almost no tension, which is remarkable for a horror film. Most manage to create at least a bit of atmosphere, but this one fails a bit. It also has a number of cosmetic flaws. Beaver only sees that guy for the first time, but immediately knows which hat belongs to him.

Fortunately it's all smooth and entertaining, the aliens look good and Lewis knows how to create a good two-faced character. 134 minutes went by quite smoothly, although this film is not special for the rest.

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