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May December (2023)

Drama | 113 minutes
3,21 133 votes

Genre: Romance / Drama

Duration: 113 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Todd Haynes

Stars: Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore and Charles Melton

IMDb score: 6,9 (44.446)

Releasedate: 16 November 2023


May December plot

"Some roles are transformative."

Gracie forms a couple with the younger Joe with whom she has three children. Their romance was widely reported in the media 20 years earlier, partly due to their age difference and because he was employed by her. While the children are starting their higher studies, the famous actress Elizabeth Berry comes to observe the family in preparation for film shoots.

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avatar van mrklm


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24 years ago, then 36-year-old Gracie had an affair with 12-year-old Joe, a classmate of her son. The revelation of the affair resulted in a media scandal, a pregnancy, a prison sentence and a divorce. Television star Elizabeth [Natalie Portman] has been chosen to play the role of Gracie in a film about the affair. So she spends time with Gracie [Julianne Moore] and Joe [Charles Melton], who are still together, and meets their twins Charlie [Gabriel Chung] and Mary [Elizabeth Yu]. A character study about a character study that mainly involves a lot of talking. Dramatic piano intermezzos are supposed to make us believe that something significant has happened, but they failed to convince me. Portman and Moore are in the running for an Oscar nomination, but there is no story and no character development. And you can see that one surprisingly intended twist coming miles in advance.

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avatar van Pazmaster


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Great acting cast. The story can continue, but unfortunately it is not very exciting and the ending is a bit disappointing. What also bothered me a bit was the excess of dramatic music. Not a bad film, but I don't think it's worth more than a passing grade.

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avatar van knuppel ihhh

knuppel ihhh

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This movie is definitely a drama. Especially a drama to watch. Chicks movie with emotions that I don't understand at all.

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avatar van De filosoof

De filosoof

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I didn't like the highly praised Carol (Film, 2015), but I was still young and inexperienced at the time and this new film by Todd Haynes gets Good reviews again, so I wanted to give it a chance. But unfortunately: I can't do much with this film either. I think you have to be interested in psychology to appreciate the film and that is simply not my interest: the film is about a family that is apparently normal, but gradually we see that the members are traumatized and that there is a lot going on under the illusion. is wrong under the braincase. The fact that an actress stays with the family for a while in order to prepare herself to play the woman, who was in prison because she got into a relationship with a first grader, whom she is now married to, in a film, indicates that film has the opportunity to tell the story of the sex offender, now that the actress is having conversations with everyone involved, but of course she also shakes up the past , seducing the man and putting pressure on the marriage. That seems to make the film equally interesting, because now that the man realizes that he was the victim and the woman was the predator, he might leave her and the woman - who likes to hunt - might shoot him. But nothing happens. That fits with what I think the message of the film is – reality is never clear or simple and no one is just right or wrong – but the lack of a conclusion makes both the stay the actress joins the family as watching the movie rather useless.

P.S. Too bad they didn't release Haynes' previous film, The Velvet Underground (Film, 2021) in the Netherlands because this documentary about my favorite band had I might have found it more interesting.

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