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Le Procès (1962)

Drama | 119 minutes
3,65 351 votes

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Duration: 119 minuten

Alternative titles: The Trial / Het Proces

Country: France / West Germany / Italy

Directed by: Orson Welles

Stars: Anthony Perkins, Romy Schneider and Jeanne Moreau

IMDb score: 7,6 (24.421)

Releasedate: 21 December 1962

Le Procès plot

Joseph K., an office clerk, is awakened in the morning by a man who says he is under arrest. However, he is not told what he is being accused of. He tries in vain to discover what his crime is. After Kafka's novel.

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avatar van kos


  • 46190 messages
  • 8523 votes

Erm.. Oh dear.

A Kafka movie. From none other than Orson Welles.. And I couldn't care less. I immediately feel like a culture barbarian .

From a technical point of view, extremely messy and the oppressive Kafka atmosphere rather became a kind of absurdity, especially in the first part (seemed like a faint comedy) where the film immediately lost me.

There are a number of nice separate scenes, a beautiful Adagio and Romy and some beautiful filmmaking, but this is definitely not my thing.

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avatar van DVD-T


  • 15378 messages
  • 2840 votes

Very interesting story and beautifully filmed.

Although I lost my interest towards the end because it just went on a bit too long for my feeling. The start is very nice. And what a beautiful storytelling voice Welles has. What follows is a surreal trip through a city with beautiful architecture where K, wonderfully played by Perkins, wants to find out what he's suspected and no one can / will give him an answer. The encounters with many interesting characters such as the lawyer and Leni make this a fascinating session. They also contribute a lot to the story by providing a lot of interesting information or by raising questions in the viewer. Although it should of course have been the other way around, Le Procès occasionally reminded me of Gilliam's work. And especially Brazil.

Acting is pretty strong. I only know Perkins as Norman Bates and it was nice to see him in a completely different role. Welles himself does it with verve. He seems born to play these kinds of roles. Moreau is a beautiful woman, but adds little to the whole. Schneider is also a very beautiful woman who, unlike Moreau, gets a lot to do and does it very well. For the smaller roles, Welles has done a good job in the casting process.

Welles was way ahead of his time when it comes to using technology. He already proved this in Citizen Kane. It's a film that I don't rate very highly, but it was made very beautifully. He is also completely out of it in this film. Perkins who is constantly filmed as "small", where he is constantly surrounded by, for example, large sets, doors, images. Also beautiful use of black and white with some beautiful contrasts.

Wonderfully surrealistic whole, which goes just a little too far towards the end and lasts just a little too long. Visually it is all very beautiful. But the use of sound also deserves some attention.

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avatar van Movsin


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  • 8236 votes

No one better than Anthony Perkins could take on that role in this surreal film from Orson Welles to Kafka.

It is not really gourmet, all the more so that the film is quite long, but there are nevertheless delicious scenes in which the pressure on the individual, the bias, confusion and disorder, also the corruption in the justice system is illustrated and where Jeanne Moreau, Romy Schneider, Madeleine Robinson, Elsa Martinelli and Suzanne Flon (What a luxury to be able to bring them together) actually mean a relief in the experience.

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