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Jagten (2012)

Drama | 115 minutes
4,03 2.858 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 115 minuten

Alternative title: The Hunt

Country: Denmark / Sweden

Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Alexandra Rapaport and Thomas Bo Larsen

IMDb score: 8,3 (363.938)

Releasedate: 25 October 2012

Jagten plot

"The lie is spreading."

Set in a small Danish village around Christmas, teacher Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) must deal with being accused of sexually abusing a child from his kindergarten class. Lucas faces accusatory questions from the people of the town, and his own family.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Especially the first part of the film I had the feeling that I would give the full blow to a film again, unfortunately the film loses quite a bit of credibility and realistic slants in the second part and that is a shame.

A strong, credible performance from an excellent Mikkelsen. I also like that kid, she's so cute that she knows how to draw you into every scene. In addition, I thought the first part was so brilliant because you can film it from just about every character.

Many gripping and catchy scenes too, excellent acting and Scandinavia once again proves to be able to make decent films. The film has a few duller moments, but in general it is a very catchy drama.

Too bad the second part loses some power, it's all a bit more unbelievable and unrealistic. moment when the bloodied Mikkelsen walks back into the supermarket and headbutts that guy should have been cut better. The film does have some very strong scenes, but in general I didn't think it was worth the full blow but still gets a good enough score.

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avatar van Dievegge


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The title has a double meaning: it takes place at the start of the hunting season, but it is also a figurative witch hunt. Autumn colors and dark images evoke a gloomy mood, although there are also playful moments with the baby and the dog.

It's a daring subject, because you don't have an obvious villain. The community that condemns Lucas believes it stands up for the protection of a child. However, that good ideal is turning into mass hysteria. Pedo hunters sometimes go to court themselves based on gossip and questionable testimonials. It is noticeable that they do not really listen to the child, but put words in their mouths. You see that hysteria when the tabloid press once again drags a celebrity through the mud with such unverifiable accusations. The accused cannot defend himself because he cannot prove that something has not happened. At the end someone shoots a bullet next to Lucas, perhaps intended as a warning that he better leave the village.

The actors reach a high level, especially Mads Mikkelsen herself, but the little girl also comes across as lifelike. Thomas Vinterberg still uses elements of the old Dogma style, such as the hand-held camera and the realistic style, but he also deviates from it by, for example, inserting a dash of background music to create the atmosphere.

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avatar van cinemanukerke


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How wonderful to immerse yourself in the magic of a story. So you're one of those friends who is clapping by the river in the first scene, slightly tipsy and wiggling to the tunes of Moondance. You're in the supermarket and you also want to teach those bastards in the store a lesson, don't bend but burst. You are in the church, a peaceful Christmas Eve outside but in the church full of hostile looks until you too see that one look in which innocence is suddenly ajar. He (Bo Larsen) knows, he's seen it! And I was there at the end, too, when the son was crowned a man. A room with lots of light, overexposure. Is this a dream, a fantasy? No, everything is going well, we can go hunting again with our friends ... until the conscious shot because there is never forgotten, hatred is never gone ... After the film you muse on, watch in silence just the cover of the blu ray, maybe you hum Moondance again and you repeat the title 'Jagten' in your mind. Hunting as a hobby of the group of friends, hunting Mikkelsen as wild game. The magic continues a little further as the night gradually prepares to greet a new day.

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